Should I send broadcast message to simulations?

I just received an email from C2 suggesting that I send out a message to subscribers, I dont have any subscribers but I have 4 simulations. Is this something normally done? I have no idea what simulations users see on their end, so I dont know how dialed in they are to my strategy.
Some background info, my strategy will go thru periods of no trading and C2 message suggest that subscribers may believe strategy has been abandoned.

thanks for any help!

I send out a welcome message to new sims and I include them in a weekly update every Saturday. I delete any trade projections from the update that go to sims though. Only subscribers get that.

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That sounds like a great idea, thanks.

What do you mean by trade projections?

A trade projection would be a statement like “this week the strategy is looking to close our ABC trade and go short XYZ”. Only my paying subscribers get that information.