Signals not sent to broker - Scaling?

C2 Support:

(First, is this the only method of communicating with C2 customer support???)

Today the Futures Growth Fund system traded Crude Oil but the signals were not sent to my account. I have been trading this system for a while, however, I recently changed the scaling due to changes in the number of contracts by the developer. I used the slider in the AutoTrade Control Panel dialogue to set the scaling at 33% since the system is currently trading 3 contracts and I want to trade 1 contract.

I am assuming that the C2 code rounded down to zero instead of up to 1 contract but this is only a guess.

Can anyone look at this and let me know what happened? For the time being, I have increased the scaling on this system to 34% to see if that works.

My level of frustration with C2 is growing with every month and the lack of responsiveness to my concerns and suggestions regarding scaling. If possible, I would like to have a meaningful conversation with someone who cares and has the ability to understand my concerns in detail and possibly influence the development team.

Thank you,


Hi Todd,

Yes that’s what happened: 0.33 x 3 = 0.99 which rounds down to zero. You’ll be trading 1 contract at 34%.

We’ll tweak the scaling logic to handle this scenario better. It will take us a few weeks to implement and test.



Sorry you missed this trade. Under my system description I had purposely put 34% for 1 contract because others were having this same issue. I’ll send out a broadcast on it tonight.