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Some future strategies are idle most of the days

It seems that many of the C star strategies are by the same 2-3 people. A lot of them have 1-2 really big months making 20-30 % and then they just make 1-2% a month. The 1-2 big months give the system a high annual return (40 -50%) and make it look good but the subscribers never see that.

I think one way these systems owners can do that is by starting many systems (maybe in private ) and being really aggressive in the beginning and trying different things in the different systems. Some of these systems will make a big loss and some will make a big profit (since different positions are being tried in each). The loss making systems are shelved and the profit making ones become super conservative in their trades. The investor then subscribes to the “good ones” but never sees the big gains.

Almost none of these future systems are based on any proper concept or algorithm that would indicate that they have an edge over the market. The descriptions of all these systems are also usually blank. Also even if they have low drawdowns, with the huge leverage they are using there is always the tail risk that this could change at any moment.


Yep. And when they have a DD they simply close up shop and start again under a different name. Look at all the new strategies that started in March and have huge gains since then.


It’s impossible to set up C2 strategies under different names, you still need to upload your ID into the C2 system (not to mention your social security number if you are a US trade leader).

Impossible is a strong word lol. There are most certainly trader leaders who did this all the time. Do you really think all these new strategies that started in April and perfectly timed the market are all brand new trade leaders who just happened to learn about C2 at the same time?

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It is a possibility, but then how would you know for sure?

This isn’t a court of law. I wouldn’t trust my money with any strategy that had the slightest hint of impropriety like this - and there are a lot.

Being in C2 for awhile now I’ve seen many trade leaders have different ID’s. I know several trade leaders that had several ID’s that are now gone. You can verify with Mathew this question if you want,

They usually either change ID’s or just create a new one.

Granted, in the past the ID verification process was not necessary, so I guess the temptation to create multiple C2 accounts/strategies under different names was almost irresistible for some unscrupulous trade leaders.

But things are different now, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, there shouldn’t be a problem then, because the only strategy you have subscribed to is yours. so your money is safe my friend! :wink:

Is it more difficult now to create a new login ID now? I’m not familiar with the new process.

Even with an ID verification process it still doesn’t prevent a person from creating multiple login ID’s I believe? (Correct me if I’m wrong) For example creating an ID called ID1 and then another called ID2.

You can verify that with Mathew if that has changed.

Multiple login IDs? Oh sure, but that’s an entirely different story.

Here we are talking about being a Trade Leader. Now C2 must verify your identity first (passport, driver’s licence, etc…).

This excellent security measure prevents Trade Leaders from creating multiple accounts, among other things.

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See things like:

“JohnSmith4”, etc…

Once one strategy fails the trade leader will create a new account and open a new strategy so people can’t see his prior failures (although using the same name/etc seems silly).


He still needs to show a valid photo ID (and give his social security number if he lives in the US) if he wants to create a new account as a Trade Leader.
And then C2 staff will immediately see that the trade leader is trying to create duplicate accounts, no?

Creating different login ID’s and creating different Trade Leader accounts are two different things.

It’s been happening for years.

You can ask C2 staff if you like.

The best is when you realize its the same person and call them out on it. Talk about angry. :rofl:

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I believe you my friend, but I guess C2 put a stop to that with their ID verification process.

C2 verifies the IDs of the trade leaders but they allow multiple C2 accounts. So the trade leaders can submit the same IDs for the different accounts.

But what happens most frequently is that the trade leader just makes their failed system private or resets their system so investors can’t see all their failed systems.

Just check how many system name changes and resets this FX trader called MAP has done:


Not quite, when you reset your C2 system the public can still see your archived trading record, from what I understand.

You may be able see the archived system. But it’s a small link not noticeable. And the systems made private cannot be seen.

Check the strategy activity details page of MAP ( )

The guy has created what seems like over 50 systems. And when you click on the link it says “private” on the page

Yes of course, Trade leaders can make their system(s) private, for whatever reason.

But it does not matter, traders should concentrate on winning systems with reasonable drawdown, and there are plenty of them on C2 right now, as we speak.

I guess it will make more sense for C2 to show the strategy page as it was before it was made private (a snap shot until the day it went private).

That way, if a trade leader is making the strategy private because it is too good and she wants to trade it herself or not take on any more subscribers, that profitability will be evident in that snapshot.

On the other hand if the strategy failed and the trade leader is trying to hide it, it will be evident as well.
This suggestion looks like a win-win on the face of it.

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