Something stinks in 10k to 100k

I ran a query in C2 Data Explorer, and found the system named 10k to 100k

It has a sub price of $500
It started on 5/21/2020 (11 days ago)
and appears to have 57 subscribers, paying $500 each

the activity feed for this strategy shows a large qty of subscribers joined on May 25th. The feed says “subscribed” and not “simulated”.

yet the strategy quickly tanked and is down 37%

i find this suspicious…, maybe I’ve been watching too much Ozarks


Quite puzzling indeed.

Very interesting find…

Interesting…on top of this I see that there are many accounts actively following this strategy!

Interesting indeed. Any thoughts on what might be going on here?

Creator: @BrettSimberkoff4

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I’d say yes. He doesn’t seem to have any background in anything finance related. Runs “Simba Stocks” - one of those get rich quick things that no one ever makes actual money on except the guy who sold it to you.

Whole thing looks totally suspect. Alot of those “subscribers” are only “subscribing” to his strategies and many were ‘created’ on the same day. But it looks like there are actual trades being made by subscribers. So yes, someone is losing money :money_mouth_face:

Whole thing just smells incredibly putrid.


Hey this is Brett the owner. I run Simba Stocks. This is a high risk:reward strategy. We have about 600 active members already. I just transferred from our old strategy to this one, hence the high number of signups on day one. We run our own white label separate from the C2 site.

also we do pretty well maybe actually check something out before slandering silly.

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Hi Brett,

Sorry for our suspicious minds, it’s just that we have never seen anything like this on C2 before.

Good luck.

So not understanding completely, this was transferred from an offsite location to here and decided to split the profits with C2?

I’m sure we’ll see the progress in real time now on C2. You’ll be a legend here.


@BrettSimberkoff2 Isn’t there a way on your white label to sell other strategies too with a mark up? I’d love it if you sold mine though if your followers are looking for trades everyday they may get bored. You obviously have good marketing skills to have that many followers. I am sure there are plenty of other leaders here that would love to have you resell their strategies.

So far I haven’t seen trading results from you showing that you are a successful trader. Where can I find those? Though honestly whether you are a good trader or not you seem to be a very good marketer to have so many subs. Therefore, you could maybe make some good money marketing other strategies here that have a better investment record. Just a thought.

Sure shoot me a message if you’d like

Email is on my site! Will look for your reply