Typical broker commissions trade costs of Options

I have TOS system and I did 24% return in last month on my Real money.
but by TOS system here is losing money same month.
when I check this I found that Typical broker commissions trade costs of Options on this system is 2.8-3 per option per side.
I pay less then 1$ per side for option
why this pricing changed from the past?
IB Broker don’t take so much money on auto trading
please some help

I see better pricing on other option system when I check “Typical broker commissions trade costs” of Options

Link? Are you sure you are trading high liquidity options?

If you filled at .20 cent with real money and your subs fill at .50. C2 takes the avg of all your subs or .50 as your cost.

Hi, I contacted the C2 helpdesk on this as well some month ago on this issue. Looking at my options trades in the track record of my C2 strategy (https://collective2.com/details/107003652) they calculate $10.90 typical broker commissions for one roundtrip. Looking at my IB account statements the commissions are beetween $1.50 and $3.00 per roundtrip.
C2 stated that $10.90 commissions is the average and they’re forced by regulatory authority to include these higher commissions as typical commissions.

Changing the broker selection in the strategies summary statistics to “Interactive Brokers commis. (no monthly AutoTrade fees)” changes the total anual return, but it does’nt change the profits and losses in the track record. The help on the commission shows that C2 now calculates with $0.70 per option which means $1.50 per roundtrip, per option.
That’s more realistic.

C2 look less relevant these days!!!
i did 21% return this month on my Real IB account
my TOS system “amazing options” show 1.8% return
ITS funny but also SAD - people thinks i loose money but my results are great.

When i check other systems options cost i see 1$ per options cost in the model vs 3-4 $ in my TOS system.

then when i make 5$ gains per option i loose money here Vs 3-4$ gains in my Real money account.

i can’t trust or use this system or build new system when i see such differnce of options cost in system X vs system Z or system Y.
of course you can check it

when i ask c2 help desk i didn’t get any affective and rational answer

look other system cost is for 10 options 10$ so 1$ per option

so C2 team present SAME TIME option cost in 1 system as 1$ per option while other system Get “fine” and its option cost is 3-4$

how do we enter the 1$ cost per options?

i make 10-20% per month in my real IB account but nobody know thia

Matt you should take this seriously!!

i know my options commission in IB is great. 0.5 is number i meet usually.
But its can’t be that on my TOS system here the model cost is 3-4$ in my system while in other systems its 1$.

its something new

Heiko look from your system you get 5.45$ fine per size per options
1 option trade cost 10.9$


please look the results of real
Ib account vs TOS account

please send my your mail or write me