Spam inside C2 and how to avoid?

Lastly some systems developers are sending messages about try their systems, of course no one asked them about it.
You should implement some filter to avoid this, or a system of votes if some developer take +5 spam votes, then he is not allowed to send more message.
Its quite frustrating already deal with your email spam to have to deal with the spam here too.

They have a useful function - click on the cross and click to block the communication. You will not receive more messages. It’s simple.


Indeed, we have a feature to stop spam. Please see here:


Ironically, @MAP is the only C2-developer I had to block, because he wouldn’t stop spamming me. :poop:

Same here, i reported him as spammer, I hope admin do something.
I didnt know i can report directly in messages, quite useful, now lets see if they take actions against this kind of developers

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A good system will gain notoriety immediately and needs zero promotion. I have seen this happen to leaders after 2 or 3 trading days. I say we encourage spammers as that is the clue that they cannot wait a few days to gain momentum.

Sorry. It was a mistake on my part. I sent you a message after you warned me about blocking. I bring my apologies, did not want to give you any inconvenience.