Spooz Daily Scalps

Spooz Daily Scalps strategy is gone case?

Dont see much trades on this strategy

I have an opinion, but it’s based on rumors…
Ron Frank

why can’t you share that?

I tried to email you back, but it was rejected. :frowning: If you have questions, just contact the strat manager/owner… He’s responds better than most…

i resumed trading after finding some workaround, but closed to new subs. maybe when i transitioned to ES contracts, i’ll open it up again to few subs. IT really depends on how the position limit looks like at that time.

Position limit is the biggest challenge for futures manager to deal with. i wish that we could get some more context into the cme issue with this. From what i understand, it happened on a mini dow contract. Dow is at least 10x smaller than ES or MES. If you took the volume traded by subs on that dow contract on the ES/MES, it would be jsut like any other day

woww… 30% down on single day @BrokeAssCapital

It would be nice if @MatthewKlein could restore this previous Spooz thread https://forums.collective2.com/t/spooz-daily-scalps/15287 so that I can reference a few of the posts in there regarding this situation with a few of the C2 users that I correspond with by email.

In the past I have shrugged off the disappearing C2 forum posts and threads, but I feel that bringing back the above listed forum thread will cause no harm to anyone (regardless of how anyone may feel about the perceived impact).

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@ynrao24, typically averaging down systems can take larger losses than winners as there should be more winners than losers. More important is will this loss be more frequent or will this only occur infrequently.

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Also important… The strategy used to be 100% TOS.
Now the trader doesn’t want to risk his own money anymore.


Maybe if you read the system description you know why I can’t use TOS anymore, instead of making off the wall assumption

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I’m using platform submit that sends fixed contracts from my actual trading account signals via MT5.

In the system description you wrote that you had to “limit the number of subscribers to enable you to continue trading the strategy within the CME position limit”.
It doesn’t really explain why you stopped TOS.

Your free Simulation to strategy Spooz Daily Scalps (138044147) has ended. The strategy was made entirely private by the Trade Leader. No Simulations are allowed for private strategies.

Did the strategy crash ( and thats why the strategy creator made it private ) ? Anyone who subscribed to this strategy ? It was doing well while the going was good.

dont know… but it looks its crashed

Recent equity

I guess was only a matter of time. Every loss he took was followed by an equally leveraged trade in the other direction immediately. A whipsawing market will eventually destroy that mentality. From what I saw it also looks like he threw away stop losses toward the end.

Funny how he goes off TOS and then BOOM. Funny how that works. :wink:
Ah well, probably made enough from subscriptions to make up for any losses he had. Can’t say the same for subscribers! :man_shrugging:


Rip Broke Ass Capital

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He was rather active on the forums here and defended his trading style multiple times. I wish he could respond and explain what happened in detail …

I wish the owner of C2 would bring back that hidden/deleted thread (https://forums.collective2.com/t/spooz-daily-scalps/15287) where most of that discussion took place, so that everyone could have a chance to review the discussion about that style of trading.

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