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Starting: Agression Total Return , created today performance @+15 % this morning

Performance is already around +15%, will try to protect this performance!

How do you usually transform prospects into subscribers? Chat is enough usually you think?

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@arnaud_tournel investors have the unique ability to filter strategy based on their risk appetite. There is room for all kinds of strategies. You should focus on your core strategy and you will find more and more investors who like your strategy. Good luck!

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Trading Philosopy: My advice is that you describe the logic of your strategy as best you can without giving away the secret sauce. Then just keep performing well. People will then find you.

Manage Risk: Look out for your subscribers. Know that many people on here are sophisticated traders but not all. Have risk controls that look out for subscribers by using reasonable levels of leverage, stops, position sizing, or whatever you need to do in order to avoid sudden massive drops in values. I would not make the strategy ultra aggressive and expect the subscriber to scale appropriately. Having large drawdowns greatly diminish your ability to rank high on C2.

Additional Income: If you have a really great strategy and even a relatively small amount of capital like $100,000. You will typically make more by simply managing your money well than via subscribers at C2. You should not look at C2 as your primary source of income. It simply isn’t big enough yet to outweigh what a good manager can make trading their own money. It is still worth doing though. If you set it up right, like using BrokerTransmit or API, it makes it very easy to run C2 without having to enter orders twice, and allows you to collect a little side income.

Upfront Costs: I would be ready to pay C2 publishing fees for 6 months to a year before your fees are consistently covered by subscribers to your strategies. Sometimes it happens much earlier if you get off to a really good start.

Good luck.


Even with a 20% annual return (an average that even Warren Buffet cannot beat), a trader can expect to make 20 grand a year (before taxes), assuming he starts with $100K (and not many traders have $100K just laying around).

I am sure Uber drivers make more than that.

On the other hand some successful C2 trade leaders can collect 10 to 25 times more money from their subscribers.

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Others have touched on great points. You don’t need to max out your leverage and have huge returns. Look at active strategies over 3 years old. Most are under 50% annual returns. Subscribers can auto trade your strategy at 1000% scale if they want to be aggressive. If you really want to get yours noticed sooner than later then you can pay to promote it here and or waive the fee for a period of time. Good luck


Unfortunately it seems the most popular systems are the all in ones for now. There’s been a slight shift from drawdown being the priority to massive gains but I could be wrong.

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I can speak from my experience. I can’t say how other managers have done.

Over a period of 28 months where my strategy had an annualized return of 90%, in theory I could have made a profit of $261,000 off a $100,000 initial investment. Over that same period I have made about $37,000 in C2 revenue.

If my performance had been higher or lower I think my profit from subscribers would also have been much higher or lower.

I am most certainly not trying to say that my return will remain at 90% annualized, and now that I have a decent record many may stick along for years with lower returns. My point is that in my experience returns from my investments have far outweighed my profit from subscribers. Of course, C2 is still great to have as some additional income.


Go to the Grid and select more than or equal to 1000 days (4 years).
Type 50% for the annual return and press Enter.

There is only one (1) C2 system that fits that criteria, assuming systems with 50% drawdown or more are unacceptable.

Making more than 20% a year - twice the return of the S&P 500 - with a reasonable drawdown and over an extended period of time (15 to 25 years at least) is extremely hard.

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I don’t dispute that. I don’t expect my annualized return to stay at 90%. My point is that if you could do say 20% then you would get few subscribers here anyway. Meaning you would still make more from the 20% than from the subscribers. If C2 grows and has a bigger reach then maybe that changes.

If over that period I had an annualized return of 20% I think I would have made much much less from subscriber revenue and still would have made more on investing $100k at a 20% rate.

If I had a return of 10% I bet I would have no subscriber revenue and still made more on investing 100k at that rate.


Very insightful! Thank you very much for your answers!,:blush: reading and digesting it! The fact that customers can adjust their exposure with their chosen leverage of your strategy in their portfolio is great.
So would you agree that you may have a greater success here with say 60% performance annualised and low drawdown than 80% performance with very high drawdowns and enormous leverage? :innocent::crazy_face:

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I look at my personal accounts trading size in terms of what I believe a draw down would be if the market really moves against my positions. In my QQQ strategy here if the market collapsed then we should have enough time and liquidity to close out our positions for a realized loss of 10-20%. Everyone has their own threshold, but if my draw down can be half of my annual returns I’m happy. Trading at max leverage for a long period of time would be too stressful for me. There is more to life than trading. Another thing you have to consider here is how scalable your strategy is and can it be easily replicated for your subs? I comb through reviews and see what other subs concerns are.

I agree, but keep in mind that the 20% figure is just an average, you could make 45% the first month, 31% the second month, for example, and attract tons of C2 subscribers right away, even if your system makes 20%/year on average.

And above all else, I believe traders want smooth equity curves with limited downside volatility, regardless of the annual return of the system.

This strategy gas over 9 million AUM and under performs the markets annual returns, but has a very low draw down.


Excellent point: dollar for dollar, systems that trail or slightly underperform the market can produce spectacular results if their drawdown is much smaller than the one generated by the market, because the trader can compound/pyramid his profits at a much faster rate.

A big concern of investors might be subscribing to a system at the wrong time and all of a sudden the drawdown happens before they even say some positive returns. A strategy with a negligible drawdown can attract others since they may feel any time is a good time to sign up.

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This exactly.

Low drawdowns are key. Any monkey with a stick can lever up on futures and get a quick 15%. Good sharpe ratios worth more though. If you can manage even 30-40% annual returns with lower drawdowns, you’ll get subscribers.

And you don’t need to advertise and go crazy on the forums. If you have good performance, it speaks 100x louder. There are plenty of examples on these forums of boasters and braggards that imploded spectacularly. (hint: don’t be one of these guys)

Oh and TOS will give you mad street credit and help with subscribers, while also earning you my respect :wink:


It should also be noted that the strategy was 100% free up until now. I think that is another big reason for the growth in AUM.

I wish the leader all the best and think they are very kind. I have subscribed to the strategy myself.

Below is a great example of a strategy that had similar growth became very popular and due to some stagnation has 1 AutoTrader now.

I also subscribed to this strategy. I am not saying that people should not subscribe to Guard or Momentum.

I’m saying that just because it has a super steady chart with good growth and low drawdown, it isn’t any more certain to continue or remain popular than a good chart with high growth and high drawdown.

Again, I think Guard is great and a I love that the manager is being very cautious and reasonable.

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If you multiply Gard Cap by six, the dd is pretty similar to the top performing systems so this is basically perception.

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