New Strategies Launched this week +30.2% / +19.6%

Greetings to all here, I am a new Strategy Leader, excited to be here and share with all of you our common passion for markets and trading. I have been a professional trader for +20 years and decided to launch this initiative to bring institutional proprietary desk style trading open to the people. Good start this week on our launch, check for yourself.

I invite you to follow my strategies (see below). Good trading to all.

Multi Index Momentum

SPX Index Momentum

The exact URL of your strategies would be nice. :wink:

Good point, thank you here you go:
Multi Index Momentum

SPX Index Momentum

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Thanks, now we are in business :+1:

That was quick, blew both strats already.

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“I have been a professional trader for +20 years and decided to launch this initiative to bring institutional proprietary desk style trading open to the people”

Those “institutions” are probably hurting right about now :kissing_heart:


While I don’t like to bad mouth other people… seriously wtf

“A fool and his money are soon parted”

I do feel bad for the fools a bit. As bad as a penny stock pump & dump scheme.

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These are not the same markets as 20 years ago


Check his max leverage. This would instantly blow in any market.

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It’s only paper money. He’s got nothing to lose. C2 collected the fee.

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20 years of experience???
Money management is foundation, core of every successful trader. Eve with an amazing system, there will come a day when markets will give you a hiding. Protecting those returns is a mission in itself, let alone making more. I can never understand returns some traders are getting. Very inconsistent if compared to market experience. I have not ready to post my strategy, will post a week of screen shots here. Just want to show that trading ES, NQ can be very profitable, with no draw down for a single week, yet alone a month. And solid profit every week. And all traded in real time, no back tests( dont believe in it).
How a trader manages his trades and draw down, can tell you very quickly if he is someone you should invest your money with

@DwightSchrute maybe add to your list…

I am curious what happened here. This strategies had very short holding periods earlier (minutes), all of sudden it let big positions last for days. What is the trick played here?

@TomShie2, the trick played here is that the track record for this strategy is not very long and is really a sim traded strategy until june 11th when real money was traded (because there were real subs at that point). Once real money was traded (via subscribers) the strategy trades are visible and exposed to all kinds of market conditions.

This is why strategies track record (especially those that scalp) should be considered cautiously until real money is traded with it.

Also this strategy deployed an idea called averaging down which can look good for a period of time before crashing down hard once the trade is taken against a trending market.

You can check out if real money is traded with the strategy by clicking on the “show autotrade data” button above the track record on the right hand side.

Hope this clarifies this for you.

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My biggest fear of using c2 is that a strategy leader with many subs suddenly drops the ball, let many high leveraged positions hanging there… Anything like this happened before?

C2 traders can still use their own manual stop to exit any losing position that’s clearly telling them it’s not working out.

@TomShie2, its best to watch your subscribed strategy and manage the positions yourself where possible. But everyone has there own tolerance level so its hard to generalize.

This dropping the ball has happened and will happen again when it comes to over leveraging and not applying stops or hedging to mitigate risk. Subs should try to contact the trade leader regularly (but hopefully not to the point of annoyance…lol) and discuss this in order to prevent a total loss of capital.

In other words, know your risks when you invest.

Hope these ideas help.