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Strategies Making New All Time or 52 Week Highs


Alright - here is what you want to see :slight_smile:

new high - just shy of 100%

I pointed to other one because may be it might just be a trend in gold miners that they are becoming more volatile and may be somebody could confirm that on other systems. I did not post it to lure subscribers and technically it belongs to the thread where it belongs :wink:


Oh please, that’s the only reason you post.




why dont we add 6 month track record minimum to this ? or else this page will be full of 7 day old strategies.


Hi. Where does it display the systems making new highs??

Regards B48ES


Sortino, Sharpe, calmar… in truth, useless data. Your 14% drawdown equals your Cumulative Return. After nearly 100 trades.
Bottom line is. … how much do you lose and how much do you win.


Because 6 months track record doesn’t make a strategy better or worst. Nor does it mean a strategy won’t have a major drawdown in month 7 or 8.
Lotta talk from subs here. No Strategy is made better by it’s track record. Simply a view into past results. I’m certain you have tried strategies that meet that requirement. I’m also certain many of them didn’t keep the same performance. No guarantees in trading. If it were, we’d all be rich.


day trading on ES/NQ


dont you think c2 take 1 month performance x 12 as “cumulative annual return” is misleading ?


When C2 displays a “Return %,” it does the following as a default:

  • If the strategy is less than 12 months old, it displays the Cumulative Return (i.e. non-annualized)
  • If the strategy is greater than 12 months old, it displays the Annualized Return

Of course, if you specifically ask C2 for an annualized or cumulative return (for example in the Grid), then it will return the specific stat you ask for.

But, by default, the Return % displayed is based on the rule above.


Took the liberty of seeing how all these guys did after they first posted here. Some are <2-3 months old and you can’t even really judge yet (but apparently that doesn’t stop some people).
A lesson to be learned IMO - odds are against you when picking guys at all time highs that advertise on the forums.


this has nothing to do with odds against “picking guys at all time highs that advertise on the forums”. its just an illusion. in general if you pick any system, odds are against you. why? - most of the systems fail whether you advertise or not. its just a fact.

from your sample population, looks like odds are better… at least 4 out of 13 are positive after their first post without counting ‘too young’ systems which are also positive - that would make 6 out of 15 yielding postive result after posting :wink:


I’m sure if I extend the time horizon to a year or so since first post we’ll have <10% of systems left. This thread isn’t even 9 months old and we’ve had that many failures. I’ll come back to this at the end of 2018 and see where we stand :sleeping:

If would be an interesting data point to see forum promoters vs general population. So many systems flame out in 1-2 weeks though, and many don’t realize the forums exist, so it would be hard to compare apples to apples.


Stocks Trend Following system is indeed closed now.
Realized that no one is looking for long term systems, everyone wants futures system that gives +100500% returns in a day with 100% win rate. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Considering how much TOS costs plus 30% cut that C2 takes from each subscription… just doesn’t make sense to keep doing it here.


Very few strategies survive a long time in C2, promote them in the forum or not. Many subscribers jump into strategies only for short-term results. It is human nature.


Ouch! The truth hurts! I guess that is the beauty of C2, it takes all our nice words (including mine) and slaps a graph next to them showing reality - eventually at least.



That makes Day Trader Futures look pretty good, it is also worth mentioning that his sister system Day Trader Futures Long short was the only one, of the ones I follow, that took full advantage of yesterday’s sharp market decline. Another one, with a much smaller position, ES/YM Fund, also had a successful short position. Chubs 7500 also netted some profits with his short positions.


in case you are looking for diversification - please read the system description - may be you will find it interesting!

(hint - more than 3500 USD loss came from the discontinued XIV/VXX subsystem. NUGT/DUST alone netted $13200 excluding fees as of 22/03/2018 since inception - please verify yourself)


new high
ytd over 20%
IRA friendly (i guess…)
No leverage (except the fact that DUST NUGT is 3x Leveraged ETF)
No overnight risk

(please refer to the immediate post above referring to an important aspect of the system)

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