Strategy Managers: Want to be profiled in a C2 commercial?

We’ve started a video marketing campaign featuring C2 strategy managers. The theme of the campaign is: “There’s a human being behind every automated trading strategy on Collective2.”

You can see examples of the campaign here and here.

If you are a strategy developer on C2, and would like to have a commercial made about you, please let us know. You’ll need to be willing to use video, and to not be anonymous. Indeed, the focus of our interview will be the human story behind you and your trading (frankly, we’re not that interested in the candle-stick pattern you use or which moving-average line, etc. – the technical stuff is interesting to quants, but not to most normal people). The end result video will be about 2 minutes long.

If you’re interested, send an email to my colleague, and be sure to let him know who you are and which strategy/ies you run.

I’m new to this platform and so far this sounds like a wonderful opportunity!