New Collective2 video

It’s done professionally and communicates well except I have a personal bias against commercials that start off showing frustration to the point of anger and negativity even if it is to create a sharp contrast with what is being offered. Also, while your target market is probably the active trader, you can appeal to a much broader audience because of the simplicity of auto-trading that Collective2 has enabled.

What’s wrong with some guy launching his sailboat while another is shown sitting in a boring staff meeting, etc. as two “examples” of how to earn money with the question of "Which way would you prefer?"

Just some thoughts though obviously, you’ve done so much of this right so far, this opinion may not be that helpful.

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Could you please post a link to C2’s new video?




Sadly, it’s not new, but rather is the same old tired video I put together a year or more ago. I think C2 sends an automated email that touts it as new, which is the reason for Paul’s (much appreciated, by the way) comments. If you’d like to relive the magic as if for the first time, here’s the link: