System classified incorrectly


I just started offering my trading advice to the public with my system, MZ Pattern Prognosticator. Upon searching for my system amongst the others listed on C2, I find mine with the speed classified as “Daytrade: Rapid”. When I started the system I classified it as “Swing Trade: Days/Trade”.

I would prefer to have my system classified in the C2 listings as I intended. I certainly do close out some trades within a few minutes or hours of opening them, however these trades are usually my losers. I use day trade patterns to determine my risk, and many of these stop out fairly quickly. I intend to hold my winners for several days, capturing several points of profit while typically risking less than 50 cents.

I am hoping there is a remedy for this issue.

Thank you,

Michael Zweighaft

The classification is not based on what you classify your system as or intend to do, but is classified by the trade length of your actual trades on C2. Looking at your system, it said your average trade length is 6.7 hours. This is what your classification is based on and at this moment is clearly correct as you do not have any trades qualifying for for “Swing Trade: Days/Trade”.


- Fanus

Right, and let me add that - over time - as you complete more trades and C2 has more data to analyze, the classification will change to be more along the lines of your typical trades.

Right now, the only data C2 has are your atypical trades.