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Hi folks, I would like to talk about my system Delta Neutral , it’s been a rough first 2 months , but the I adjust the system, the more I see better result. The foundation of my system is base on market random, meaning we cannot predict where the market is going and how it would behave. Now this is because I believe the market efficient theory takes over arbitrage that would leave us blind in term of predicting the next move in the market place.So, if thats the case then at anyone point on the chart we have 50%up 50% down - commisions. So the idea is to allow the market room to move and capitalize on their movement, I am currently using theta as a major factor to make a major adjustment in my system. I hope it will continue to perform at a 10 to 20 % return per month. Any comments , it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks folks.


reality check?

There appears to be room for improving the drawdowns.

Good luck.

Wel folks today is the day , I am taking out 2 important legs with a profit of hopefully of 14K, and leave the total of (-4000) for theta decay till expiration, so hopefully everything will expired accordingly so that my (-4000) will come back to (-1000) then we will start trading for april and may contracts.

Delta out!

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thnx for the help.