The New Dashboard - Latest Features

Based on a lot of helpful feedback from C2 Members, I’ve made a bunch of improvements to the new C2 Dashboard (“Dashboard2015” is our internal project name, if you care – a name which already seems sadly out-of-date).

  • Strategies Making New Highs content has been added.

  • We’ve brought back the C2 Feed - you may recall it was a
    much-loved (or much-hated, depending on your point of view)
    feature that shows all the latest C2 activity.

  • We’ve added visual/audio new-signal-alerts right on the Dashboard. So, when
    a strategy which you are subscribed to issues a buy or sell,
    you’ll see and hear a little alert (the audio is optional).

  • We’ve also brought back repetitive audio alerts - again, optional, of course - which (if you turn the feature on), plays a sound guaranteed to wake the dead, again and again, whenever there’s a new trading signal. The sound continues until you acknowledge it. Perfect for you Luddites who aren’t ready for hands-free AutoTrading, and who want to be woken from sleep to manually place trades at your broker.

All of the above can be customized. Indeed, almost the entire Dashboard can be customized. Don’t like “C2 Feeds?” Just turn them off and hide them. Don’t want to see Strategies Making New Highs? Just hide the entire section.

Customize the Dashboard so that it fits your trading style. Just click the gear icon in the upper-right of your dashboard:

I encourage everyone to begin using the new Dashboard. You can try it here:

Eventually we’re going to nudge people to leave the old Dashboard behind, and move to this shiny-new version, so now is the time to give me your feedback, and tell me what you like or don’t like about it. That way, when we switch officially to Dashboard2015, it’ll be exactly as you like it.