"Today P/L" not updating for all strats on dashboard

I’m auto-trading three strategies (bad day to be long on anything), first strat’s P/L never updated (and ironically worst performer of day by far) on dashboard view, any ideas why?

Hi, Chris -

Francis and I looked at this tonight, and it seems that there was a problem with the P/L reporting on your account for that strategy, due to the TQQQ split. We cleaned up an incorrect split-related entry in our reports, and the daily PL got fixed. I was about to come here to the forums, and tell you to take a look… but now I see that the “day” reset (18:00 ET) so you’re back to all zeros for the day. But I think that things will look right tomorrow (Thursday).


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Hello @MatthewKlein

Seems like I’m having the same problem + others.

I’m using Broker Transmit and have only 60 stocks but it shows 74 and it’s still an open position.
also, it shows a wrong P&L in my account in general.
I started with 100K and in profit in total but it shows that I’m at a loss overall ( and that is wrong )
Do I need to do something from my side?
I think after the split it made some problems, and it has wrong quantities in my account.

Can I reset somehow the account and start from fresh?

Hi ,

I fixed your P/l report. There was a bad quote for TQQQ during the last split.