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Activity feed issue?

I’m getting notifications of closing trades for systems to which I am not subscribed. Can I please get the opening trades, too? :wink:

These notifications are visible to any C2 member, they are not sent to you specifically.

No. Trade activity notifications should only be shown to subscribers of those strategies.

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These are closed trades only, no real-time entry point is shown of course (unless the system is ours I believe).

Plus these closed trades are visible on each C2 system anyway.

One thing is for sure: no non-subscriber can see the actual buy/sell signals of a C2 system in real-time, via these public notifications.

That is what the original poster is saying. She is receiving signals in real time to close the trade even though she is not subscribed to them.

Unless I am missing something VG2 is takling about THESE notifications (see image posted below).
It’s called the Activity feed. It’s visible from C2 main page (Dashboard).
And again, the actual entry point is never shown, for obvious reasons.

It’s not that difficult to figure out that there is a bug causing her to receive trade notifications for strategies she Is not subscribed. I have zero interest in continuing trying to explain it.

All the best.

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For the last time these are NOT “notifications” of any kind, these are PUBLIC closed trades that anyone can see.

These closed trades are available on the Activity Feed window (C2 dashboard), and on each C2 strategy main page of course.

It’s possible to hide that Activity Feed window by pressing the “mute” button.

All the best too.

In the activity feed, we show CLOSED trade notifications to everyone (but we respect any customized “delay” period requested by each strategy developer).

We show OPENING trade notifications only to subscribers.

There’s no bug here. This is the design.

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I have never seen closing trades in my Activity Feed until today, unless they were trades for systems to which I was subscribed. If they were there before, there were not many since I didn’t notice a single one.

The screen shot I posted was just that, a small section of the Activity Feed, to show what I am seeing today. There have been many, many more, of these, all day long. I just checked a few of them and sure enough, at least those are systems where the developer has not set a “delay” so that must be it but it’s odd that hundreds of them just started showing up today.

Anyway, pretty useless information and it crowds out the rest of the feed. Any way to stop it?

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I’ve never seen any closing trades on my feed as well except for my own strategies. Hopefully it stays that way. Seems like a good way to miss important trades from the strategies you’ve subscribed to.

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The Activity Feed window has been visible for weeks now, at least for me.

On the contrary, this extra window will generate extra clicks for your C2 system, each time you close a trade. Some visitors will see your closed trade(s) and click on your system, just out of curiosity, so more traffic for you.

Like mentioned above you can turn that window off if you like, just click on the mute button (to the right of “Activity Feed”)

I’ve had the Activity Feed window for as long as it’s been around, years and years. I am talking about its contents here, not the window itself.

In the past, I have only had opening and closing trade signals for the systems to which I have subscribed. I have never seen a signal for a system to which I am not subscribed until today.

THAT is the useless information, the other things I have been getting in the Activity Window are fine and helpful.

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Thank you, Mr. Portfolio, for understanging what I am talking about! Those masses of closing trade signals are something new that just started happening to me today. Glad they aren’t happening to you, too.

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I am not subscribed to any system and yet I have been seeing these closed trades for weeks (months maybe, I don’t remember exactly).

Now that is weird, Ethos never got them, I never got thes until today and you have been getting closed trades all along. Doesn’t seem like C2 can explain it.

Guys, I can assure you nothing has changed here. No code on the Activity Feed has been touched! I promise.

The behavior has always been the same: we show closing orders for all strategies, but opening orders only for strategies you manage or subscribe to.

I believe you, Matthew, but something turned up yesterday that wasn’t happening to me before. So something about the existing code has been discovered. Perhaps some behavior was finally triggered that you say was always designed to happen, it just didn’t happen to me until yesterday. And hasn’t happened to EthosPortfolio yet. Anyone else who also is getting closing trades for non-subscribed strategies in their feeds? Please post here.

The one thing that changed on my end yesterday was that the last system to which I had been subscribed shut down, that’s when this all started. Now I am only running simulations. Let me know if you want to look at anything with my account, Matthew, otherwise I will try subscribing to a free system to see if that makes this go away. It really is annoying and makes more important things roll off the feed.

Okay, I think what happened is the following. The actual mechanism that decides what gets shown is that “real subscriptions” trump activity notifications for publicly-available notifications. So when you left your real subscription, you began to see public notifications.

I’ll definitely take your feedback (i.e. these notifications are annoying) into consideration when we revamp this in the future.

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