Trade tqqq is easy


So, help me out here. Is this the “rising bear wedge” I occasionally hear about? Is it all downhill from here?

Is this type of technical analysis even valid on ETFs like this?

Warren, copy/paste is easy…LOL

Sure it is valid, it is free from finviz :smiley:

Just not sure what Warren has in mind, to short it or is he long?

Well, sure, it’s valid, but is it ever accurate? Looking at the underlying stocks seems like it would be far more accurate.

I admit, most “technical analysis” just seems like voodoo to me.

What I noticed on finviz is that it “repaints”; depending on what price does.
So, that charts on finviz are not to be taken serious when trading.

Agree that backtesting on ETF is much harder comparing to stocks.
And TQQQ being 3X; that makes any use of TA much harder.