Tradestation to C2/setup

For each futures contract that I trade, do I have to create another workspace? What if I have two different strategies on the the FVM1 ?


You can have multiple windows in each workspace. That way you can use one Workspace to send multiple futures contract signals to Collective2.

Another thing that you can do is that you can use the Advanced Tradestation / Collective2 Interface. That is much simpler to use. Here is the link to that.

We use the advanced interface for most of the time sensitive signals.

Hope it helps.

Thank you, I followed the procedure, and started to add contracts. But all are refused because of a wrong symbol. However, I use the Tradestation symbols, as specified. ea. I use @FVM11 for the Jun 5yr notes. Even FVM11 does not work. Do you know why ?

Hi, Daniel -

I would like to help you. Can you clarify a bit first? You write:

"But all are refused because of a wrong symbol."

I assume you mean that C2 is rejecting your symbols? How and where do you see this rejection? Which screen/URL are you on? What exactly does the screen say?


I have sent you an email with a screen print, that should clarify the problem.Daniel

May be I should explain here what I am trying to achieve.

I have developed a strategy that is used on 8 different futures contracts. The system is end-of-day. An entry signal can be produced at the end of the trading day (day order) with a short or long limit order to enter a position during the next day. Once the position is establised, both a profit target order and a stoploss orders are laid into the market GTC at the end of the day (not during the day at which the position was established).

The system is developed in Tradestation 9.0. In Tradestation, I don’t do real live trading, but the strategy orders are used to put the orders in the market. This way orders are generated in Tradestation, and send via Collective2 and tradebullet to Interactive Brokers. At this time, I put the orders manually in the market after the close of the day. I am trying to automate the program.

I have installed the advanced connection between Tradestation and Collective2 and the test succeeded. I tried to add futures contracts from the Tradestation workspace but I did not succeed to do so, and I refer to the screen print that I sent through the e-mail. Daniel (system OBI1)