TradeStation Users - New builds have problems

If you are using TradeStation to enter your system’s orders into Collective2 (via the c2tradestation application available at, then please be aware of the following.

We have evidence that TS 8.1 Build 2826 does not work. Specifically, it does not appear to send Cancel/Replace messages to Collective2 (these are used, typically, when adjusting trailing stops from one level to another).

We have some limited evidence that TS 8.1 Build 3006 works fine - and specifically the Cancel/Replace feature does work.

Finally, we know for certain that TS 8.0 works fine.

What this means for you:

If you are using TS 8.0, stick with it until we confirm which (if any) of the newest versions work, or until TradeStation gets its act together.

If you must upgrade to TS 8.1, make sure that you are upgrading to Build 3006 or higher. Don’t use Build 2826, since it will probably not work.

Please post any comments or questions about this subject here.