How long does it take for position data to update?

Today a position was closed on my account by TB-IB. I went to check the position in C2 and it still showed an open position. I refreshed a few times but no change. So I concluded the stop had been triggered on my account but not in C2. I wrote a forum post about it but before posting I went to check again and now C2 showed that the position had been closed at the same time as mine (21:01).

Before this I haven’t seen any delays so I wanted to ask how long delays can we expect in position/trade status update in C2? The system where I saw the delay is “Result Trades - Futurs/Stocks Intraday”. Of course it could be a problem with browser cache (Opera 9) but I did try Ctrl-Refresh and Shift-Refresh.

Actually I remember seeing time 14:04 in the open position and also the price had changed to lower again so it was not a browser issue and the delay was at least 3 minutes which is quite long!

There can be delays in posting results on C2 when a fill has taken place. It depends on the instrument (very popular instruments have less delay, since a lot of CPU time is devoted to them) and the server loads. When something is filled in a real-life autotrading account (as was your experience today), C2 is informed about it and moves that hypothetical fill processing to the top of the processing queue. Three minutes is admittedly long, and hopefully not common.