Trading freq & # of positions of a system?

I don’t have auto-trading set up and want to get comfortable with manual

trading first. My concern is keeping up with high-frequency systems. Before i subscribe, how do i tell trade frequency of a system - i.e. how often i will get trading signals (Buy and Sell) from a trading system?

1) I couldn’t find the following in the system description how many trading signals are generated per day or per week?

e.g. The 1Day NQ ( ) suggests 2.1 days/trade which is inconsistent with it’s description “12 long trades/month, sold the next day”.

2) Portfolio mgmt and # of positions - does the trading system automatically determine how many positions it holds (and size of each position) in the account any any given time? How do i tell what the average # of positions are for a trading system?

Pl advise



Your best bet is to ask the system developer your questions. If there is no response to this post, write to him directly. If he’s serious he’ll reply to you and hopefully answer your questions satisfactorily.

The other thing you can do is press the “CSV” button on the system page and download a list of all the closed trades the system has made so far. Then you can go through them carefully yourself and work out whether you would have managed to follow manually had you been trading it in the past.

This way you will be able to answer your first question. You may also be able to answer part two of your second question, but part one can only be answered by the system developer.