Finding a System--confused

I’m new and trying to pick out a system(s) and I’m confused by the different methods of how you show the systems. If I use “System Finder” I key in variables and it will show me 8 out of 100. How do I get to see the other 92? I don’t see a next button and clicking on “more systems” doesn’t accomplish anything.

Then when I go to “The Grid”, it seems to know the variables I picked earlier. Then when I go to “Best Systems” and click on “Forex”, I get systems for S&P also. I did read the directions on how to “read” the stats and what they meant. I just can’t seem to move around and see more systems. Any explanation would be helpful.

One more thing. Some systems show a flat red line compared to their profitable green line. Some systems show erratic red lines. Can you explain?

The red line is the S&P 500

the red line is flat when the performance of the S&P is dwarfed by the system, and eratic when in the same "league".