Unlimited Free Trials


There are some issues with regard to the free trial system. Some people subscribe, get the full free trial, stop the subscription, and start a new free trial, a process which can seemingly go ad infinitum.

What can be done about this?

We have sent an email to help@collective2.com a few days ago already but the lack of response is prompting us to try our luck here.

Thank you.


Unsubscribe them

To unsubscribe them solves the free riding issue but it’s not always the subscriber’s fault if the subscription fee does not kick in.

We cannot unsubscribe people who genuinely want to pay, or for that matter even those who tried to take advantage of a process flaw but are then willing to pay.

What would help for instance is the ability to override the billing mechanism directly from the subscriber management interface once the free trial period has passed, such as with a button that is grayed out until an individual subscriber has reached their free trial quota.

Hello P&F FX capital,

I replied to you last week via case 17157. I had just resent it as well.

- Alen



We never received that email for some reason but we have just noticed the updated status on the FogBugz website.

Thank you for following up, we can keep the discussion there and away from here.


Keep track of who it is and let Mathew know.