Unsolicted PM

I don’t know what Beau Wolinsky intended with this PM, but perhaps Mr. Klein can shed some light:

From: Beau Wolinsky

Sent at: 1/29/08 (23:04)

Message text:

You know this is a subscription service, and if you want to talk to matt about it, I will refer you to him.

That was in no way a solicitation for my system. And your e-mail, which I do have on my message board, said something like, this is illegal for a professional to post subscriptions here. You are way out of line, Griff. If you want to keep bashing my systems, go ahead. But you will get messages from me about them.

You’re a scammer and a pathological liar. Post it here! MK has my permission to read my PM files. I’ve not deleted anything. Post it! You’re a liar.

I will add that I never sent you an unsolicited PM. I’ve only replied to yours. I’ve never stated you’re acting “illegally”. If so, show me where I stated such. How difficult do you think it will be to call you out on your bullsh*t?

OK. Both of you back to your corners, and put each other on ignore. Thread closed.