Up $2000 atm on some GBPUSD shorts

he just added more shares after 5 margin calls and 40% draw down over 2 days;

closed in the GREEN! big middle finger to all those haters of Dr. Martin

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As it can be seen here, methods of dr. Gale are even able to survive 5 consecutive margin calls, and still be profitable.

For those not familiar, dr. Martin Gale is Irish painter, whose art work also contains hidden geometry, that can be very profitable in trading.


Another one bites the dust. 60% drawdown (so far…) is a failed strategy my friend.
Hope he sticks around and acknowledges that trading is hard, and perhaps he shouldn’t be so cocky next time. :zipper_mouth_face:

I saw many margin calls for this strategy, that’s very bad signals. Another signals, this is a forex strategy where I found, most of forex strategy in here is disaster. Please let me know if anyone find a good forex strategy that has at least 6 months, YTD in positive return n no margin call.

This strategy uses extreme leverage and does not have a good win/loss ratio. The first month was more of a fluke. If leverage would have been reduced the losses would be more manageable. But then again its just playing around. There’s no consistency in the number of lots traded even for a martingale type strategy like this.

i think we all know how these strategy end after promoting or brag about their gains after a month or 2. yet we have seen 1 survive 6 month. Ok, maybe one, Simplicity Trading lasted 13 months. I saw almost every employee on c2 subscribed to it after 12 month. (atleast on the side it shows who just subscribed recently) then it crashed.

Ka-BOOM! :exploding_head:

Hope you took that hedge fund offer @StarAdvisors . Farewell.

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Working for a hedge fund…why do all these newbie traders say that? I remember a guy called Thanos that use to say that he was trained to work for a hedge fund and now he’s gone. Is he the same guy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ego is the death of most traders. For this one it came fast and furious. No risk Controls whatsoever. Arrogant noob at best.

it you look at a lot of the trading style or the way they brag on forum. i wont be surprised this guys has like 10+ user names and 20+ strategies on c2 live.

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