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Vix Lite The Future of Trading


“I predicted a lengthy bull market due to a lengthy bear market, Many systems went belly up after the horrific recession of 2008.”

This is in the ‘Description’. We are all witnesses. Genius among us.


Vix Lite is currently in 2 trades that since the midst of the Bear market of 2008 have gone 100 Wins and 0 Losses.
Many of my trades have a 90%+ win rate going back to 2008.

Subscribe today at the current low price of $39, to unlock these 2 historically winning trades.

No guarentees.


Thanx to all my new subscribers. As stated all that join will be privy to the 3 open trades, not 2 as stated, that have been historically 100% profitable since 2008-2009. That’s 150 wins, and 0 losses. Just message me once you join I’ll tell you which trades they are. As a full time subscriber, I will keep you updated when these premium trades are in play. I will keep pricing $39 for a few more hours.

There are no guarentees in trading and trends may end at anytime.


Sounds pretty normal. :joy:


I noticed it too, but elected not to post it… didn’t want to start a shouting match !! Cheers to all !!


The Vix Lite trying its darndest to stand out.
I’m working really hard to provide a top notch system.
The results overall: at Collective2

6th Sharpe Ratio: 7.739

5th Sortino Ratio: 37.58

9th Calmer Ratio: 189

I implore all C2 Leaders to strive for excellence.
You can do it guys!!

Vix Lite was designed to to win in a Bull Market & a Bear Market
Using low correlated instruments.

For a limited time in an effort to attract even more subscribers,
Vix Lite will be priced at $39 I intend to keep prices affordable so anyone can partake.



Vix Lite has been up over 20% within 6 weeks, with a low correlation to the SP500 in a bull market.

Correlation to SP500

Imagine in a bear market.

Join now, and learn what others have about how to really trade.


I was always thinking that low correlation is less than 0.10. And yours is quite high.


A little lesson for those less knowledgeable.
Very high correlation would be 0.90
Quite high correlation is over 0.50 like the current top Vix systems are.
These will likely collapse with any turbulence.
0.10 is comatose.

I have no problem with a high correlation as long as you know when to switch it up when the trend changes.


You could say that “high” and “low” are subjective, so this statement can’t be true or false. But you can’t say, you know what a “high” correlation is and you are going to explain it to the rest of us who are “less knowledgeable.”

You might profit by dropping the condescension.

Further, I looked at the top 7 strategies on the Grid by C2 score that contain “vol” or “VIX” or “XIV.” Only one has a correlation over .50. So you are incorrect to say, “Quite high correlation is over 0.50 like the current top Vix systems are…” … unless you add “except 6 of the top 7.”

Your correlation with the S&P 500 is fairly high, about average for a volatility system.

BTW, my Ph.D. is in a quantitative social science and I have taught methodology classes at Northwestern and the University of Chicago and lectured on stat research at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley, Penn, Virginia, UCLA, Michigan, and most other top universities. That doesn’t make me more knowledgeable about investing or a better trader than most people here–those are different skills and there are some impressive people on C2–but I don’t need to be condescended to by someone who thinks that by lecturing the “less knowledgeable” he can make us believe that .39 is a “low correlation” between an index and a strategy.

Nonetheless, good luck. C2 can always use one more good strategy.


Furthermore, a search on the grid for systems less or equal to an S&P correlation of 0.388 yields 454 strategies with ages from 1 day to 2,944 days for the oldest active system.

Some of the strategies are among the best on C2 and some (Gasp!), have a negative correlation to the S&P 500 which means, of course, below zero.

Hardly “comatose.”

Best wishes for good trading.


No, I can’t be serious about the trader who proudly post his sharpe after 2 months of trading. Hope this is just sales pitch. Otherwise it is sad.


I was just responding to JITF who is obviously trolling. I see no mention about his behavior.
Quite honestly, I don’t want to be liked. So JITF, your lack of business means nothing to me.
To go on someone’s thread to sabotage and say a correlation of 0.38 out of 1.00 is High, is just that. A troll.
I understand that there are frustrated traders that get a little stiffy being snarky but it gets you nowhere.
How about those that do not like my system mind your own business.
And that’s super sweet that you taught at Stanford or Berkeley.
Nice job. Do we have a deal? Let’s see if you can be mature boys and control your urges.

I will correct my last post, it is actually the very top Vix system that is above 0.50 that would be considered extremely high if 0.38 is high in your book.


I’m sure that you have some particular volatility strategy in mind, but the top two vol strategies measured both by C2 score and by total % return both have correlations to the S&P of .06, a level that you say renders strategies “comatose.”

When you have dug yourself into a hole, it’s a good idea to stop digging.

Let your returns do your talking for you. If they stay good, all will be fine.


I Am referring to VixTrader which is No.1 in stocks popularity over the last 6 weeks with a Correlation to SP500 of 0.55500. My top did mean something different than yours.

Did you give your students an A when they scored a 38? Quite high correct?

This is why traders have problems trading. Too many emotional issues. I’ve always have been a firm believer that people rather be right, or like the person than actually take advice from someone they don’t like.
Now try to swallow your pride and troll elsewhere. Take the Dog Guy and Jtif with you. Most every locked thread involves one of you 3. You need to be reprimanded.
I’m not sure if you’re collective2 groupies.

Be happy kids, money’s not everything.


We should be so lucky…


OK, that was genuinely funny / witty.

Good luck trading.


While those primitive vix trend following systems that charge you $2400
a year to do what you can do for free, collapse yet again, Vix Lite is up. Just $39 bucks.


Why do you trade XIV vs others (e.g. svxy, ziv)?
XIV has a termination clause that if the fund drops 80% the termination clause is triggered.
Not saying that will happen and you have a low draw down currently… but it is theoretically possible with a black swan event that you wake up to having all of your funds and your subscribers funds wiped out over night. Especially since you hold your positions open for multiple days.
XIV is probably the scariest instrument available because of said termination clause. You should switch… just my 2 cents.
Good luck!


I am not holding any Xiv. Others might be. And if I did, it’s usually but not always 10% of my portfolio.
Good question to ask the major VixTrading systems.:blush: