Web Trader vs QuickTrade

With QuickTrade we are able to broadcast comments with the trade. With WebTrader there is no field for trade comments. The trade comments are very helpful to subscribers of SPODD500 because we are able to broadcast our expectations for the trade at the time it is placed.
Being able to communicate the trade expectations when the signal is broadcast, rather than going to the message system is much more efficient. Please bring back the trade comments to the order screen.


Sure! This is our next todo after the conditional orders are tested (already implemented). Both will be ready soon.

Thank you for your feedback!

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I hope so since I suggested the same thing about the comments several times over the past year! Jim

Another vote for this feature.


I know and apologies for the late implementation. We had and we still have much more important stuff to add, fix, but now this is on my plate for sure!

It would be nice to be able to remove the chart, to make the Positions and Orders window larger. The window is so small when having to scroll them.
Thanks, you are all doing a great job.


Yes, correct. We have a huge todo list for all 3 major parts, like

  1. Charts
  2. OrderTicket (right side)
  3. Order Management (positions, orders table)

We will do it better step by step and any feedback/suggestion will be greatly appreciated as well.

Hey There! Just realized that Quick Trader will no longer be available as of November 2019. Here is what the message says: “QuickTrade will no longer be available starting in October(ish). It’s time to switch to WebTrader”.
Am i missing something? I rarely use Quick Trade but that’s the only place to trade VIX options. Any idea? Appreciate the comment. Andrew

Webtrader really needs to be much more optimized for smaller screens/mobile devices. The older interface QuickTrade is a lot cleaner and simpler to do a trade. Webtrader is very cluttered and difficult to navigate on a phone or mobile device.


Agree here. Almost impossible to trade options as it doesn’t show you the chain. Would be nice to have something done in the future. I believe they are fazing out Quick Trade as of November 2019. Andrew

Andrew - I agree with a lot of the points here regarding WebTrader, but I am not sure I agree with (or perhaps I do not understand fully) your statement that WebTrader “doesn’t show you the [option] chain.” If you select the OPTION instrument button, and then type the underlying symbol, you will see the option chain. Am I misunderstanding what you mean? Or is there a more specific problem?

Wow, Matthew! Working Saturdays! Respect. I guess, no free time when running your own business :wink:

My bad, I was referring to options chain on mobile devises. Sometimes i need to place an order on the run and use my Samsung. On PC based Web Trader you can conveniently see the chain and easily navigate through strikes and expiration. On Mobile based version, you can not. Unless i am missing something. Please advice.
Thanks again for maintaining such an interesting platform. Cheers, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I will definitely check our option chain mobile view related issues and try to optimize.

Maybe will contact you in PM to get more details.

Thank you!

Has Quick Trade ended before the changes discussed were made?

It seems I can only get on Web Trader.

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Traded yesterday from QuickTrade. And it seems to be working today. Not sure when and why would C2 pull it out.
That’s the only place i can trade VIX options. Any alternatives? Asking for a trader’s advice. Thanks, Andrew

Quick Trade wasn’t working earlier today, but it was fixed during the day.

Thanks Jim. Are you involved in development or any other way with C2? Just asking where a trader will be able to trade VIX options. Thanks again.


What is your issue exactly regarding to WebTrader VIX options trading?

Can you just send me some details to help@collective2.com please?

Thanks, I think I can see quotes in Webtrader now on VOX.XO Wasn’t there a while ago, Andrew

If any issue appears, please contact me directly. I’d like to improve WT and any feedback, suggestion, concern is greatly aprreaciated.