What's holding my system back?

I manage the system Volon Value. It has a C2 score of 993, and very good statistics. A max drawdown of 5%, and a very consistent track record are at the heart of what it is. Unlike many systems on C2, its cheap, consistent, and has a very low risk. The successfull systems on here have drawdowns of 50%, and every single trade is risky. I realize my system doesn’t earn 100% a month, but I would still think that it would be desirable. It has subsribers, but not the 100’s often talked about with the more popular systems, at prices 30 times higher. Do you have any idea what may be holding it back?


Ben Sender


For me - I can’t use your system in my IRA due to the number of short sales (almost all, when last I looked.) The vast majority of my investment funds are in my IRAs, so I only have room to trade one or two other systems in non-IRA accounts. In those accounts I’ve found that FX traders seem to be able to do better than equities/ options traders.


Ben - The interesting portion of your equity chart begins in Jan, 2012. But I don’t know what you are doing because you haven’t fully closed your position(s) since then. I also don’t know why the 2011 performance was flat and the 2012 performance is attractive. I also don’t know why there were no trades for three months in 2011. Of course, I could ask you these questions in a PM. But there are so many other systems to look at, I would just move on.

Trying to be helpful, here are a few comments:

1) In the system description, post an explanation about why your system is better in 2012 than 2011. Also explain whether or not you expect to go several months with no trades.

2) Allow people to see your recent trades, preferably by fully closing your positions more frequently. As an alternate, you could provide a free trial period so that people can look at your open P/L.

3) I think that your subscription fee does not need to be that low. System performance should be the main criteria for potential subscribers.

Best wishes, Len

Probably the fact you don’t trade that often. It looks like your system made just $ 9 in Jan on 1 trade, and I don’t see any other trades going forward unless this is some bug in c2.