When am I supposed to get subscirbers

Hello all,
Thanks for your time.
I am running a trading algorithim that has 18% profit in two and half months with a drawdown on 15.2 percent. I will put the link below. I back tested it for 10 years and it came out with flying colors.
I guess my question is when should I expect to see some subscribers.
I hope to hear from you soon.

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Based on what I see here, only really high-flying strategies (outsized returns, minimal drawdowns) get any subscribers in their first 3 months, and even in the first 6-12 months performance must be really strong. Longer term (12+ months) performance still needs to strongly outperform the benchmark to grab attention, both in real returns and risk-adjusted. And TOS certification helps. Lots of threads here about what it takes for individual subscribers to become interested in your strategy and trading style.

Frankly, your strategy doesn’t yet meet those characteristics. Returns are not stellar (until the past couple of days), you’ve spent most of the month underperforming the benchmark, and your drawdowns are significant relative to your gains. Many are put off by a relatively low trade win rate as well (<50%), On the plus side, you trade exactly one contract at a time, no sign of any tendency to martingale :slight_smile: But also, your algorithm uses long-only trades, which can be perceived as limiting, especially at this stage of macro uncertainty during a decently strong bull market run.

So prove your mettle, hang in there and show some really positive results and expect to attract attention after months, not weeks. Especially if the market stays strong or flat, you should be able to have some solid returns if your algorithm is worth the backtests you’ve built it on. I’ve never seen a strategy with a bad backtest put into production, but I’ve seen both good and bad strategies go live.


thanks for your reply.
All of that is very true. I know the results recently are better. that is mostly due to a godaddy vpn continually crashing and now I am issue free on AWS. So the last week is actually more indicative of the potential of the algo. but thanks for the advice that the longer you go the lest returns you need.
Thanks Paul Grubb

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