Why my openecry demo fx account don't do anything

I subscribed Euro30 on 6.28.But it didn’t show any trades that Euro30 did in these two days. What’s wrong? [LINKSYSTEM_57938439]

Hi, Lin:

The OpenECry Demo Account Number you typed in does not seem to be an account that has been assigned by OpenECry to Collective2. My suspicion (though perhaps this is not the case) is that you created this Demo Account over at the OpenECry web site, and not through Collective2. Those accounts won’t work automatically with C2. Instead, you need to make sure that you create your demo account through a link that Collective2 provides. This will ensure that the account you create can be accessed and monitored by Collective2.

Here’s what you should do now. Go to the AUTOTRADE --> Modify AutoTrade screen here on C2 (you’ll find the AUTOTRADE menu up top, in the gray menu bar). Once on the AutoTrade Setup Screen, select the “Setup Wizard.” When it asks you which broker to use, select “Open E Cry (DEMO)” as your broker.

This time, do not type in any account number into the space where it asks for your account number. Instead, look directly below that area, and you will see a link that says something like “Need an account?” Follow that link, and at the end, you will be assigned a new demo account by Open E Cry. This account will be enabled for C2 AutoTrading. As soon as you receive the account # from OEC, type it into the C2 screen where it asks for your account number. It should become active within a few hours.

Sorry for this hassle, but I think these steps, described above, will work. Let us know if you need help or have further questions.


Hi, Matthew :

I have exactly followed what you have replied yesterday,but it seems didn’t work.When i click “Performance Report” it just shows “No executions found for DEMOFX837122”.Is there something wrong with my account?

and this is the email from collective2

Thank you for your interest in Collective2 AutoTrading using OEC’s simulated demo account.

Open E Cry has assigned you a demo username and password. The name and password are valid, starting today, for 14 days.





This demo account has been given $50,000 U.S. dollars of imaginary money.

What do I do with the username and password?

The username and password are required in two places. …[LINKSYSTEM_57938439]


Perhaps i find the reason.But i didn’t get the message last time when click the link to openecry.

Based on an assessment of the country’s local registration requirements and/or potential risk for money laundering, we currently do not accept new accounts from countries subject to the US Treasury Department’s OFAC list of sanctioned countries or from:

China (mainland)