Why to only trade forex

Trading Currency represents the largest asset class in the world that leads into 1Chigh market liquidity 1D that means it can be sold without having to reduce its price or even at all money or cash is the most liquid asset, it can be bought or sold with no loss of value. Most privet traders are who major companies and many banks turn to and seek new strategies to gain with trades involving hundreds of millions of dollars because forex has such limited or no supervision regulating it. Just to give you an idea of how many people are active in this market, $4 trillion dollars are traded daily.
With trading currency right off the bat you are gaining about three times what a bond could, but you do not lose money by penalization if you needed your cash early by some unseen emergency or collapse in your currency with bonds cds metals and futures funds are very difficult to obtain. With currency, you have it in liquid form already. Since your buying and selling currencies and going the direction of multiple currencies this diversifies your risk weekly instead of holding everything in US dollars i.e.: stocks , bonds, etc. Therefore, if the USD claps tour dealing with the GBP, USD, JPY, CHF, and NZD, AUD CAD etc. you are now in a major place of power instead of hoping the market wont claps as it has done many times before.

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