Will Ninjatrader Make a difference Matthew?

I keep getting bad entries on currency pairs with high fluctuation. I look at the chart and find the price on Gbp/Jpy for example at 210.40 "Ask", when I enter the trade to buy, I get 20 to 30 pips or even higher sometimes than the "Ask" Price on my chart, as prices keep on moving fast, and end up finding my self at 210.70.

Buy limit orders do not function when entered 20 pips below the price, as you sometimes need to wait for the price to move away around 50 pips to be able to place them.

Then when getting a bad fill and re-calculating the stoploss, I end up finding my self at risk of sometimes double the stoploss that I intended to handle.

My question is: Will I find this problem when using Ninjatrader?? Will I get the prices filled as I see them the minute I click ?

My other question is: Will high fluctuated currency pairs increase the chance of price-slippage when traded on C2?

Thanks in advance

NinjaTrader will make nothing faster. If you feel you have had a bad or slow fill, please report the problem via the trouble ticket and I will take a look. It is always possible. We did have some FXCM problems yesterday AM, but they were solved by 13:00ET yesterday.