Will this Doom C2?

Valid question. So many strategies here levered up and sold options, volatility or whatever, completely un-hedged or without stop losses. Picking up nickels in front of a steamroller, sometimes dimes and quarters to juice returns.
With many subscribers I’m sure taking a bath here, will C2 survive this volatility blow out?

Even if the market recovers, what happens when another, more intense volatility event (2008) happens?

I sure hope it survives! I think there are a lot of great strategies out there, and maybe this week will help everyone kind of reset expectations. I think C2 should meet with a handful of us surviving strategy developers to discuss our thoughts on what changes should be implemented to protect subscribers going forward. There are a lot of preventive and informative measures that could be put in place to make it much more clear as to what the true dangers are.

Matt, I hope you’re reading! :slight_smile:


dint it survive 2008 already? so why not? business continues - new subscribers, new leaders, new market situation… as long as human psychology does not change, C2 will survive :wink:


Yes C2 will survive as there are traders like me who know the basic rules in futures trading. The scum will disappear and the best will drive C2 forward.

It is about “freedom”, the freedom for traders to create any system they chose, and the freedom for subscribers to subscribe to any system they chose. No one wants or needs a babysitter, people can think for themselves and people can learn for themselves. All the information subscribers need is already given here at Collective2, it is not up to you or anyone else to tell others how to trade. Trading is a personal thing, some may want slow safe gains while others may choose to swing for the fences hoping for early retirement or whatever, neither is right or wrong, it is about individual choices.


Valid question? Seems more like a silly question to me, you can’t be serious.

I’m all for freedom, but freedom with the relevant data readily available is much preferred! One can do it, but it’s a pain and a big time commitment to pour through a strategy’s trade data to figure out how leveraged they were on the trades they made. C2 could “easily” do something like Interactive Brokers’ Stress Test, which simulates what your account would do if the S&P fell 10%, 20%, 30% - if C2 did something like that, it would be great information for potential subscribers to use. The C2 heart attack risk does nothing to show potential draw-down, only past draw-down. And we leaned this week, the two are often miles apart!


C2 Will do fine. Only time it will shutdown is if matthew decides it’s quitting time.

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Agreed on the stress-test thing - but I’m sure developers would whine and complain to no end.

“Not with my risk control, no way would my strategy fail! This is BS!” - this would be the universal complaint from most strategies.

I think if an investor finds a dozen or so strategies they like initially, if they are going to invest real money with these people, the least due diligence they should do is to look at their trading history with a fine tooth comb. Otherwise you might as well just go to vegas.

I read the history of the DJIA yesterday. Do you know how many tumbles, mini-crashes, one day tanks, and general upheavals it has had?
And that goes for the markets as a whole.
There are downs. Its life.
Suppose you own a business. Does it always do well; is it free of roadbumps and potholes - every day?
I think a problem is we’ve run a bull for so long, people think markets only go up…especially today’s jump-in newcomer.
My guess it’s they don’t see this as a business, but should.

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