Wrong number of shares sold

ON 3/23/06, in Stockmeisters Swing Trades, 1,000 shares of IOTN were sold at 13.20, and the “Trade Details” reflects such, but on the system page, all 11,00 shares show as sold? Can this system error be corrected?

But you had previously closed out the other 10,000 shares. Please click on the right-most P/L column to see all the trade details. You’ll be able to see the different legs of the trade. There is no error, as far as I can see.


Yes Matt; the “Details Page” adds up, but it only shows 1,000 sold on 3/23/06, but if the other 10,000 were sold earlier, shouldn’t they show up in the closed positions log?

BTW; thanks for all the new tools you keep adding to C2!!! Kudos!