Wrong Trades


I’m afraid there is a bug on collective2 - 2 trades are wrong in my system:

KO made a stock split. So the 2 options:

KO1218H72.5 and


should have been converted into 2 KO1218H36.25 and 2 KO1218H35 options. These should have been called.

So actually and finally there are 2 trades missing:

Sell 200 KO 35 and

Sell 200 KO 36.25 on Aug, 19th.

Also there is a peak in the chart because of this stock split that is also wrong.

Could you correct this please?




Hi, Christian:

I believe the stock split stuff has now been cleaned up. Please let me know if you disagree.


Well, the options look okay now. However there should be 2 trades, 200 KO each, because these options were in the money and exercised at expiration.

It looks like you entered a SShort trade for 200 KO but neither has it been executed nore is it correct.



Please look again. There were in fact 2 separate SELL 200 KO orders entered as a result of option assignment. You perhaps don’t see them because they are subsumed under your current LONG KO positions (they acted to offset the position). If you unfold the current KO position on your screen, you will see the two STC orders.