3/9 Flash Crash not showing on C2 stats

According to my observations, the “flash crash” described in this article (https://www.fxstreet.com/news/forex-today-sees-flash-crash-on-black-monday-amid-coronavirus-and-oils-30-slump-202003090559) isn’t showing on C2 forex stats (at least the one I’m trading). My own calculation is that one of the systems I trade reached drawdown of 62-63% (already partly drawn down, short two currency pairs), while C2 only shows 39%. It was a quick bounce, so I guess C2 only registers prices every ?? minutes?? It happened in the middle of the night (Chicago time) and fortunately I wasn’t watching. Also, fortunately the broker only does margin calls at the end each trading day … just posting as an alert that C2 stats don’t really show the full picture of drawdowns when there are quick movements.

Later USDJPY went to 101.185 according to my Tradestation forex data at 9:44am EST March 9th yesterday just 14 minutes after US equities markets open.