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3 new swing systems


trademate YM makes a comeback to a new closing high after couple of months of sideways movement. A very important aspect of the system(s) is it does not mind to lose in small to ultimately catch the bigger winners. Surely will test your patience. In my opinion, it is the better behavior as opposed to months of small profits ultimately giving all gains back in couple of days. (read 90% win ratio vs something more manageable which in turn controls risk better) What is paramount is to get out as soon as system finds a sign that it could be wrong on the trade

Please add the trademate systems to your simulation to keep track!


trademate systems are turning 6 months in a week. They are at around all time high as of today

Although no guarantee in performance can be given, performance so far is in line with expectation. What I can guarantee is there will not be martingale and no waiting/praying for market to come back etc as evident from track record. Given a medium to long term horizon, systems should do well. Systems are not afraid to lose in small in an attempt to capture bigger moves (i.e expect a lower win ratio , while winners to be much larger than losers)


glad to announce that all the trademate systems have completed 6 months on C2 as of yesterday. Please find below the stats at a glance. Trading all of them together would have given a even better equity curve than the individual equity curves. Thanks to all the customers - hope we will continue to have good times going forward. constructive feedbacks are welcome!


Congrats on your success, and in keeping your winners much bigger than your losers. You have so far bucked the trend for early system promoters. I see you have alot of subscribers as well.

I’ll be curious how these systems fare in bear market conditions since they are long only, but so far good job with your stops.


Thanks @DogZebra_Investing. During bear markets, hopefully the systems will preserve the capital and also ride the occasional and powerful rallies . The good thing about bear markets are that if you are able to preserve the capital during those times, yo will be rewarded handsomely when the market recovers viciously. Systems did go through february without any damage. in fact YM had a +21% gain in february, and ES about +6% and NQ was flat. Of course, one month does not define the systems, hopefully it will continue to do so in the adverse times.


trademate YM makes a new high

A good example of why win-ratio does not matter


Yes. I agree win/loss ratio is not the only measure of a good system.


I have urged Matthew many times - unfortunately to no avail - that whenever the win ratio is quoted, right next to it, the avg. profit to avg. loss ratio should be quoted too. Win ratio by itself is meaningless and misleading.


Win %s over 79% are dangerous and win %s over 87% are very dangerous.

See: Study: Risk Factors for Failure or Serious Trouble Are High Win % and Low Ratio of Avg Gain to Avg Loss


a new closing high for trademate NQ


Lol I agree with you Dog!! on the other hand I don’t see any where were you have promoted yours, it not performing at all you even quiet it but you still here!!


Yeah. C2 turns limit orders into market orders once hit for subscribers. Making it nearly impossible to scalp here. So I shut it down here.

I never promoted my strategies because a track record & description is all you need. People will find you. From what I have seen here over the years people who heavily promote their strategies on the forum (like you) usually crash and burn very quickly.

Now stop hijacking this guys thread.


The systems are 9 months old and have undergone difficult february and october relatively unharmed. But this has hardly increased the number of customers(even simulators have decreased over time). Is really the customer base decreasing on C2? February crash had an effect on trade leaders in terms of revenue because of increase in c2’s share of sub fees. Makes me wonder whats in store after october?!


It´s certainly not a problem of your performance. Congrats to that. But C2 has become a wasteland in regards to dev income. I suppose there are those ~20 investors around who know what they´re doing but the bulk of the C2 revenue is generated by listing fees from devs. Selling dreams to dreamers is always the most lucrative…

I suggest you build your track record and try to enter a prop firm or hedge fund with the help of it. If your trading is based on sound principles you should find an opportunity somewhere.


Yup, as Alexander says, go prop. Lots of futures firms in downtown chicago, a few in evanston. Legit firms, you’ll have to pass their IQ test. But if you pass their hurdles, they will fund you and give you a payout of between 60-70% of the winnings.


Thats because there is no security for those investors that don’t know trading. They will almost be guaranteed losses since they don’t know anything about leveraging and overleveraging.


a new high for trademate nq


Not bad at all…you survived the correction! Do you only take long trades is that why there were no trades for awhile?


thanks, yeah they survived both february and october without any damage - in fact some had positive returns for those months.
yup, its long only systems. I would not say there were no trades for long -
there were trades in october too -
eg. 10/16/18 12:55 @NQZ8 E-MINI NASDAQ 100 STK IDX LONG 3 7238.87 10/16 15:55 7305.62 0.59% $3,981
its automated systems - if it finds an opportunity to go long, it will with super tight stops.


new high on trade on trademate YM and ES. NQ retraced a bit after hitting new high last month. Patience is a key virtue! A common mistake I see is customers subscribe and leave pretty soon after seeing small loses. You should see the individual trades on track record and see how sticking to the system pays rewards. Lose small , win big is the motto here - and this requires patience.

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