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A Strategy for YM gambler got a margin call!


Now this is a strange situation. How can it be allowed to continue when its model account is in negative territory?


Is there anyone still subscribe this strategy ? Last trade was margin call and the acct negative $17k. Does he still have open trades ? Christmas party is cancel now.


A Strategy for YM got a margin call!



Trading with margin calls 3 times…crazy! :laughing:


He is trading his account with his money. Only two options are here: he stops trading his account and/or he will start a new strategy or he disconnects Broker Transmit. What exactly do you want from him?


@MarekJ, are you condoning this type of reckless trading? I don’t want anything from him just highlighting the recklessness of this type of trading. How about less recklessness in the future? Or how about stopping at one point when the losses have mounted to the point where the account has lost almost everything?

This is not the first strategy he has traded recklessly and it won’t be the last I am sure but its good to point out that he should try to be more cautious when managing other people’s money.


Again. It is his account and his money and I do respect it. What I do not respect are subscribers to his strategy after clearly warnings that strategy is overleveraged.


Yes. I don’t think all subs read these forum posts thats the problem. Whenever a leader puts up a strategy he should be responsible for the subs funds (at least thats the way its suppose to be but it will never happen…lol)

The warnings on the strategy came after the equity level went to zero which is why I thought it was so strange. The warnings should have been posted when the strategy started trading 22 contracts ideally.

Its sad that he lost so many subs funds.


Listen, Collective2 exists let’s go to say 15 years. How many good strategies are at the moment? Few, but this can change with time. How many bad strategies were recycled over the past 15 years? Thousands. You are advocating for something that statistically doesn’t exist on C2 (responsible funds management by strategy developer).

Better start advocating for responsible subscribers managing their own funds.


Thats why we post warnings in these threads @MarekJ! But if you honestly think most subs have ANY knowledge of trading or risks you are expecting too much! How would someone who knows nothing about futures or options or forex expected to know which strategy is good or bad?

I’m not saying the trade leader should be worried about every loss but I’m just saying that to trade the way this strategy did is moronic and very irresponsible considering he had so many subs.

I know you use to be a trade leader so you probably side with the trade leaders…lol

I have been on both sides so I can sympathize with both…lol


That is what I’m exactly expecting from subscribers. Otherwise giving hundreds thousand to a stranger with no or short track record, who overleverage strategy from start, going further by breaking maximum contract rule in drawdown situation, it is the most idiotic thing a subscriber can do it.

The average subscriber on Collective2 has better statistical chances in Vegas with roulette instead with C2 strategy.


Also I used to be a subscriber to tens of C2 strategies including ‘A strategy for YM’. I like to present facts without bias.


@MarekJ, unfortunately not everyone is knowledgeable in trading when they subscribe. But from a trader to trader a piece of advice is to please your clients if you expect customer retention. If you don’t care and expect them to know what you are doing then you won’t be able to keep a good client base. Unless you explain what you are doing.


If you don’t know how to swim, don’t do it. If you really want to get into the water, use certified instructor. Otherwise, the result of your actions is your responsibility.


Lol…I don’t really want to get too long into this conversation but if you think that way you should have put a disclaimer on your strategy when it was running. You should have not included subs that didn’t know anything about trading.

But I do agree that in the end subs should take part of the blame if the blindly subscribe.

In other words, they should do their own investigation.


As a futures trader, if you had a 100k, I wouldn’t trade more then 3c of /es. Futures is better for daytrading. If you hold your position for over 24 hours, you better have stops. 100 point move is normal in a 24 hour period.

Lots of the system that fail on C2 , take on a large position after a lost, it’s called revenge trading.


The funny thing is this strategy actually regained all its losses by luck with that large size but he didn’t stop or reduce the size at that point. I guess he thought it would go higher again…lol :roll_eyes:


I’m the guy who sub the strategy with 3 times scaling and lost $180K, but I admit the result as paid for my greedy, I have the chance to quit with profit but I didn’t cause I believe in strategy’s TOS badge, finally the trader leader told me he will quit the strategy and ask me to stop auto trade.



100% TOS means if you will lose 100k, the developer will lose 100k. But doesn’t prevent this situation. Somehow, on this forum, everyone does analyze developer failures. And general opinion is that subscriber failure is a result of developer failure. Well, in the case of non-TOS strategies, it is no developer physical failure (no $$$ losses besides $$$ gains).

There is another thing. Somehow every subscriber is looking for 100%+ annual gains. each strategy with 100% contains risk 100% loss at some point. The gain does not come for free. There are no Warren Buffett’s here. Most of the developers never made consistently a penny from trading or have money, ego and need to prove yourself. The number of successful strategies during the existence of Collective2 and still active is way, way below 1%. As a subscriber, you need to learn how to navigate in this environment. You need to look for strategy errors and run from the strategy in the same way how you look for errors on the bank statement.

The life is never what we dream to be, it is what it is.


Back in early February, I pointed out that most of the top-rated strategies with a high win/loss rate failed in the February downdraft.

While A Strategy for YM survived that test, it was still showing a 82% win rate in early February, in essence flashing the most common warning sign for future collapse (or for major problems). It didn’t take more than a few weeks before Strategy for YM generated a margin call or even a year for Strategy for YM to fail.

Beware of a win % above 79%.

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