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A Strategy for YM gambler got a margin call!


You are wrong. His equity reach a low of -$2885 at about 10:00 AM. You can’t see it unless you slide the left bar at the bottom of the chart all the way to near the end on the right side then you will see a closeup of the figure.


Oh ok…thanks for the update. Wow…Can he still run his strategy?


Well, for him yes because his TOS capital is 5 times that of his model portfolio.


This is over , no? I see 100% drawdown


In real world, any investments that has DD more than 100% is out from the game. Very interesting in here, C2 is still allow this model stay in here with long 7 YM contracts. Is this why C2 always says hypothetical results ?


He closed his last trade with a loss of $123,213 :open_mouth: 32 subscribers were still invested.


I wonder how many survived this…lol…and will C2 allow the model to continue?


IMO C2 shouldn’t allow it. That wouldn’t be very credible on C2’s part.


And just like that…32 subscribers are gone from C2!


It’s their own fault, they picked the system. The system showed signs of eventually blowing up by averaging down in a leveraged portfolio on the first month of operation. Their own greed got them.

But, one see’s this all the time at brokerage firms, customer opens accounts, wipes out, new customers comes in, this has been going on forever and it won’t change. I know this happens less on stock brokerage side, but on futures brokerage side, this is an every day thing.


What happened? What strategy are we talking about?



A Strategy for YM,


The final conclusion… - 6k approximately. I didn’t know you can go to negative territory…lol


I think it’s because his real TOS account is much bigger and still has funds. C2 needs to fix that somehow to show that there are funds in his real account, if that’s possible.


Lulz The strategy nw has a community risk warning. Lil late.


Lol…now that its equity is down below zero? :rofl:


As a last hurrah, should be noted this appears to be the longest thread in C2 history…


Be assured ‘he will be back’! :rofl:

This is NOT his first failed strategy as there was another one called 3Fold from before.


He has still one strategy left


The developer of this system has now dropped his TOS percentage to 200%. Was previously 500%.

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