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A Strategy for YM gambler got a margin call!


Yes @PhilD1, I think thats the key…the overleveraging is too high. I think subs should lower their maximum exposure with this strategy.


im sure he will be fine. just like 80% of future/forex strategies here on c2 just keep double down or keep buying lower.


Yeaaah, going down 30% is notably hurtful, not only to yourself if you trade 500%TOS, but also to anyone who believes in your algorithm and subscribed. And if all the things in this topic are true, well, then we can write it off as bad risk management.


At least the most important, he doesn’t make his strategy become private and stop all his subscribers. Most non accountable developers in here always put private strategy ,open to public after his graphic has improvement and always fight in word to defend how great his strategy.


With more downside I wouldn’t be surprised its going to go private soon…lol


It just hit the margin call mark a few mins ago, if one assumes IB as the broker…he was carrying 10 lots on $92k of equity this morning, lost ~$31k today on this move. His model equity is somewhere in the low $60k area as I type this. IB will require $67k for 10 contracts for overnight margin…broker will liquidate the account. Game over.

Looks like OP Csaba Biro was right after all.


IB will only sell 1 or 2 on margin call. Not all 10. So technically not over.


Times like this when some gifs are necessary:



Ha ha, that gif is too funny!


You’re right, I forgot about that.

So they’ll liquidate at least 1 contract tonight. Another loss from here of $2-3k will see liquidation of a 2nd contract, and from there another 150 points down in YM will see a 3rd contract liquidated. Technically it’s not over, but he’s staring into the abyss of the death spiral…margin call liquidations will make it that much harder to make profits on any rebound in the markets because his position will be smaller.


We were right and the gambler dog zebra and co were wrong.


I’m waiting with popcorn to see how this one unfolds.

Grab me more popcorn!


How was I “wrong” @LRCManagement ? And how am I a gambler? Please enlighten us with your wisdom and cite examples.

Oh also, we are all still waiting on an answer here… :thinking:


Relinkified for easy reference:


nice recovery. was down 59%, now over down 49%. If he would just double down 30 min ago he would have recovered +20%


Just like WaveRunner, is sitting on one open trade that has lost over 50% of account value since 10/3. Wonder if we will ever get to see the aftermath results or not. There have been references that he’s 500% TOS, but C2 shows 93.87% TOS. Does anyone have information on that?


Signal follow doesn’t mean much. Because option expiration and assignment doesn’t count into the stats.

Also c2 rarely ever issue margin call. I understand TOS is really up to the broker to issue margin call. But on non-tos, there are systems with 97% draw down can still come back.


Down 50% and still running. He’s/She’s a tough guy/gal to break. (Trying to remain genderobjective).


For what it’s worth, he’s up to 11 contracts now. Prior to this trade, he was advising all subscribers that 6 is the normal max position size and they should keep capital on hand to add 1 or 2 additional contracts during exceptional times, so the max-max position size was 8 contracts. Given that he’s almost 50% over his promised max-max size and nearly 100% over his normal max, I wonder how many subscribers who were trading this at 100% scaling weren’t able to replicate the additional contracts for lack of margin.


Don’t worry…he will just close this strategy down and move to a new one. He’s already done this before with a strategy called ‘3Fold’. I remember him saying the same thing during that strategy too and then came the February meltdown.