Active Strategy (with subscribers) in Plan Mysteriously Replaced with Inactive Strategy

FYI - I just discovered that one of my active strategies was “mysteriously” removed some time tonight from my C2 developer plan, and replaced with an inactive plan. I have contacted Support.

There doesn’t seem to be a way for me to fix this without C2 correcting their glitch…unless I upgrade my plan.


Upgraded Plan to 4 strategies (temporarily) in order to attempt to add my active strategy with subscribers, and to remove the one that was mysteriously added by C2.

After upgrading/paying, I received an ‘Unknown Transaction’ error from C2; but the credit card was charged and the plan was upgraded. However, there is still no way–that I can see–to add current strategies to the plan, and it hasn’t occurred automatically.

Guess I have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that C2 monitors the Help requests and/or this forum for critical situations.

I’ll keep you posted.


Hi, Machine - We’re looking into this. I will communicate directly via the help desk / email.