Urgent! running multiple accounts

Hi Methew,

Currently I’m auto trading many systems on my regular account at Dorman with GEN3. This week I’m having my IRA account also at Dorman. I have 2 questions and would like to know ASAP so that I can begin my IRA trading right away.

1. Can I GEN3 auto trading my regular and IRA accounts from same login ID with differrent systems at Dorman?

2. Can I GEN3 auto trading SAME system at both regular and IRA account at Dorman with same login ID?

Please let me know ASAP as I will start above trading real soon.

Thanks for help.

-Anh Nguyen

Hi, Anh:

One of the annoying limitations of C2 AutoTrading, as it is currently structured, is that each one person (that is, one C2 user login account) can trade each system in one brokerage account. Further, each person can only have one account number at each broker.

So, for example, if you have a C2 account where you login like this:


then this user can trade like this:

System 1 - Broker A - Account A

System 2 - Broker B - Account B

System 3 - Broker B - Account B

System 4 - Broker B - Account B

System 5 - Broker C - Account C

However, to this, we have added a small but helpful workaround that makes things a little better. We have set up multiple “servers” for each broker. (Well, for most brokers, anyway. See caveat below.)

So, because of this helpful multiple server workaround, the same user can do this:

System 1 - Broker A - Server 1 - Account A

System 2 - Broker A - Server 2 - Account B

notice how, thanks to the “server #2” trick, the same single C2 user can actually trade using more than one account number at one single broker. (But even so, he can’t trade the same exact system in each account – remember: each C2 user can only have a single “subscription” to a system.)

To trade the same system in multiple brokerage accounts would require that the user set up a second user ID on C2. So, for example, you would need to have one login to control your Broker A IRA account, and one login to control your Broker A Regular account.

A pain in the ass, most certainly!

Finally, up above, I said there was one caveat. The caveat is that we have not yet set up a Server #2 arrangement for the broker called Dorman Trading. If you need me to do this, let me know and I will be happy to. Once we set it up, it would allow you to trade like this using a single C2 account:

System 1: Dorman IRA account (server #1)

System 2: Dorman Regular account (server #2)

Confused yet? If not, go pick up your Ph.D. at the next window.

Hi Mathew,

You explained quite clear. It seems I have 2 options:

1. Trade my regular account at Dorman via server 1 and IRA account at Dorman via server 2 from a single login ID

2. Create another login ID (need another email account) and trade my IRA at Dorman. This option is good if I want to trade same system in 2 differrent accounts but will have to pay twice for same system. One more questions, Can I create another login ID with different email under SAME NAME since I can’t use a false name?

Since my IRA account is being established at Dorman and is available next week, option 1 would be the logical choice and most convenient. Would you please help me setting up SERVER #2 at Dorman so that I can trade IRA account.

Thanks for helping me and make my trading at C2 a great experience.

-Anh Nguyen