Typical Delays for Orders?

What is the typical delay seen in order execution for autotrading? About 3 minutes passed today between the C2 “dashboard” showing a new filled trade by the system vendor, and when the trade was executed in my account. It was a market order on ES, and my fill was 2 ES points higher (on a long) than C2 shows for the system fill. Are delays of 2-3 minutes typical of the autotrading process?

Presumably this is entirely within the infrastructure that manages the trades since it was a market order on ES so should have been filled nearly instantly once it hit the broker (Tradovate in my case). Such a delay seems unusually long … and obvoiusly 2 full ES points of slippage is not a good thing (and it could have gone in my favor of course … but that never seems to happen!). Just curious if this is typical. The autotrade record does show much earlier fills at IB and Gain, so could be some issue with Tradovate I suppose. Anyone else at Tradovate trading the Simplicity Trading system?

P.S. My fill also does not appear in the autotrade list for this trade on the system page nearly 20 minutes after the trade was made. But no Tradovate fills are shown in that list (I may be the only autotrader trading this system at Tradovate, but would still think it would appear in this list on the system page for this open position).

I auto trade with IB and stock and ETF fills are within very few seconds if not instantly when the C2 dashboard indicates a trade fill. My past experience with auto trading ES at IB has been the same - quick fills.

Tradovate is “commission free” so maybe you get what you pay for in the way of bad fills (slippage). It also sounds as if there was a glitch and auto sync took over to fill the order.

Any “free commissions” usually come at the cost of the brokerage not using all available ECN’s (hence the higher frequency of bad fills). Robinhood is notorious for this

Could be some issue with Tradovate, but I pay them commission per trade like any other broker (I didn’t sign up for either of the membership plans for commission free trades). I’ll check my fill report when they send it and should be able to tell from that exactly when the order hit on their side, and compare that to the time C2 shows for the order.

Just checked the order ticket at Tradovate … it was created there at 1:03:17pm (pacific time) which is 4 minutes(!) after the C2 dashboard showed the order. So doesn’t look like the delay was at Tradovate but rather it took C2 4 minutes to get the order to Tradovate (at least according to their “create time”). Obviously very difficult to duplicate system results if it takes this long to transmit orders, and no possible way to trade any kind of scalping system (which I wouldn’t do anyway, but this kind of delay is a serious problem trying to match any system’s results).

Randy - We had a problem with out connection to Tradovate today and are looking into what happened.

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OK … I got the information I needed on this and will make the necessary adjustments to the strategy mix.