Autotrade 1 subscription in 2 accounts

I am subscribed to one system. I have two Interactive Brokers accounts (regular and IRA). I want to Autotrade the subscription in both accounts. I created two instances of TradeBullet. If I autotrade one account, everything seems to work fine. But if I autotrade both accounts, then problems arise. For example, a limit order to open a position appears in only one account and the related stop-loss order appear in the OTHER account. How do I make this work? Thank you.

No answer after 1 week, does collective2 support read the forum?

Sorry - this one fell between the cracks. Short answer:

You need two different C2 subscriptions two trade a system in two different accounts.

You can’t share a single user-account-connection between multiple TradeBullet clients.


Send an email to Francis Gingras at, he usually replies fairly fast.

Make sure you check with the system owner directly before you sign up for a second subscription for a single system. System owners frequently give substantial discounts for a "second account" subscription.