Bad C2 typical broker commissions

listen friends (c2 staff)
you Can’t make such pricing to typical broker commissions while other options systems had far less pricing.

NO ! you can’t take 7$ cost (3.5 each way) or $70 for 10 options (buy and sell) where the worst broker don’t take more then 1.5-2 per side to 1 options.

please fix this error - we cant trade like this!

sorry for this situation but you should do something before I will think that there is unfair play here

my system is “crazy trader”

How’s it going @crazy_trader? Personally I don’t think you should worry too much about a couple of dollars commission costs difference unless you plan on scalping only.

Your strategy is highly risky averaging down on options purchase as there have been numerous strategies in the past that have tried and failed.

Anyways, if you still think your strategy is viable …good luck!

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