Beware of strategies that make huge gains in the first few months

These strategies intentionally make a big gamble for the first few trades to gain big and attract subs. By checking the popularity, you will see it has worked. C2 should filter them out for the good of subs.

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Anything where there’s a huge spike at the beginning of the strategies is a dead give away. They make quite a few “test” strategies, shotgun them on some account-busting gambles, and then publish the winning strategies. Make money riding the huge return for a few months while they significantly reduce the scale so subsequent months’ gains are small. Then they probably bust the account on the next big gamble eventually once subs die down.


It´s also recommendable to look at the creators profile. If he created more systems in the past which first boomed only to collapse or flatten out afterwards this is a red flag.

This is true, most of the high flying ES systems from the last few months are starting to fail now.

Steady growth is critical.
Here is a good example: