A Fund - review and profit

The A fund (TOS certified) is one of the best i have seen in the return 265% or so but when i try to dig down all the gains came from amazon (1.8mln investment) return 600k , which is from nov till the next year (hold period), google and nflx almost 1 mln investments in each . All sold at 7/3/2018 ,and bought from feb to april period.

My question to developer is how u are doing 3 mln of investments within 6 months and holding it.
It is impossible for a investor to shell out any money like this. Min is 35k for this strategy , so i mean are we idiots to see monthly gains without seeing the gains come from where ?

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Did you read the description. " This strategy is mainly based on hedged equity investments in which I utilize my proprietary indicators for buy or sell signals.

This strategy was traded with real money in a brokerage account since 2016. All trades prior to July 2018 were imported by C2 from E-trade. However, there is some discrepancy in performance numbers/chart as E-trade reports 199.9% gain in 2017. Message me if you want to see E-trade performance chart and monthly numbers."

Also did you see the draw down at 47% at nearly half a million bucks.

I glanced at it for about 2 min, actually is very similar to Volatilitytrader. long/short options and long/short individual stock names.

you are right about the performance %, numbers doesnt add up.

Here’s a link to the strategy you’re talking about:

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This is indeed pointed out in the “Description”


From the thread: Beta Test for Broker Import

Apparently this marking (“making clear”) didn’t happen.

IMHO (as expressed there and then as I was one of the “some people”) this is extremely important.

I don’t quite understand why you released this feature without this “absolutely plan”-ned attribute. I hope you still “absolutely plan” to add this?!

Is there a chance we can get an ETA of this? Until then pretty much all discussion on the forum about how to evaluate a system’s consistency, past results, etc, etc is just noise and totally useless.



[IMHO if you promise something and later you don’t deliver on it, you should point it out to the public. YMMV.]

Can the developer or somebody else please explain or at least guess why he is constantly changing the system’s name.

Yeah we discussed this before and he was under a different name. Personally, I would only take the track record from 7/2018 onward, since he did not become TOS until July 2018.

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