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Bijagual is a amazing strategy


I added it to my simulated account and its been down more than 50k in the last few days. Is it currently going through a drawdown period?


Don’t be so jealous, show me your system.


Is it currently going through a drawdown period?

:grin: you throw such hardball questions! if the answer comes back “No”, then how about if it’s down 90k from July 4 to yesterday? (I can’t see today’s numbers, I’m not simulating it)


I should not be silly, and I don’t mean to poke fun at it in the least… I only poked @AlgoTrader for his funny question. Bijagual has quite the winning record. Granted, the leverage with forex is significant, accounting for much of the 10x annual so far. Given such a high average return, significant drawdowns are inevitable, but as long as the strategy doesn’t blow up, it should rebound quickly, as it did from its worst drawdowns.


@TaoLi2, I am NOT selling any system. I told you I was just curious!


@v1Trader, how do you know it won’t blow up? Would you invest in it if it were that good?


The reason for the high return is very simple …its trading hundreds of lots. But I am amazed at the number of positive months (thats a compliment).


I just can’t take the high drawdowns even on my simulator…hah-hah! There doesn’t seem to be a way of scaling down on the simulator though.


Ack! Sorry, @AlgoSystems, of course I don’t know if it will blow up. And I have every reason to believe it could blow up (the most highly leveraged ones have that tendency). I don’t personally have funds enough to allocate any portion to such a leveraged strategy.

I’ve not deeply studied Bijugual, but a quick look shows that it usually adds to winning trades rather than averaging down into losing trades. In the past couple weeks, significantly more examples of adding to trades as they go in the right direction, rather than adding to losers. That said, the biggest recent loss of $-18k on July 6 did two things a bit unusual: added to a losing trade, and held the trade for three days! Most of these are intraday trades: less risky and easier to stop out of. Is this a change in strategy behavior? Is this a warning sign?

It’s more than enough of a warning for me; not interested in subscribing. I just chuckled at your question.


Yes @v1Trader, great that you pointed that out! I thought I was the only one that noticed the unusual drawdowns even on simulator.

This strategy has made over 100k on my simulator but has wiped it out in a few days which I thought was unusual since he had smaller losses during my sim with this strategy.

Its just something I found scary and thought someone else might have saw that too.


u forgot his first system with the same name crashed and burned…then he started the current Bijagual. there is NO $20 reset in real life trading.


are you trying to jinx like you did below :smiley:

or are you developer of both strategies? :wink:


it’s fun trading with monopoly money


Buffett, quoting partner Munger, says there are three ways to go broke: ‘liquor, ladies and leverage’


Hmm…somehow I doubt Bijagual will make that 1000% compounded annual return this year…:thinking: (But I hope for the subs sake they will at least make 100%)

Its pretty hard to maintain that kind of return on a consistent basis. This is why track records can sometimes be misleading.

I am however impressed that it was able to maintain its consistency for this long a period. Lets hope it can recover since he may have something here. I just don’t like the overleveraging of hundreds of lots per trade.


it will be back and make new high. no worry


It looks like the developer has gone through large drawdowns in the past and has recovered. I’m guessing the same thing will happen again. If he increases the max number of subscribers I’ll probably jump in.


Haha, I do all of the above :slight_smile: Must be a broke by now. :smile:


What happened to Bijagual anyone know? I thought it was recovering from its drawdowns and now its gone private! At first I saw it restricted new subs but now the developer has taken the system offline?

Scary to say the least.


Yeah, I’d love to get the story on it. I was really hoping to join the system, but maybe it’s for the best that that never happened.