C2 best strategies (in my opinion)


  1. You want strategy DD less than the market or you can withstand (<20%)
  2. You want strategy longevity (>365 days, >99 trades)
  3. You want to exclude all scalping strategies (avg profit > $99)
  4. You want to exclude all inactive strategies (last 90 days profit != 0)
  5. You want to beat the market (annual profit >20%)

After it, you can do your own due diligence.


Arbitrary criteria …

I wrote ‘in my opinion’. Btw, which point you don’t like?

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Doesn’t seem like a bad set of criteria as long as the person uses your advice of doing due diligence as well just for a reality check.

These seem reasonable (if aspirational) criteria. Maybe I just like the list because one of my strategies almost made the cut (only 55 trades) Gimme another year and I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

Simple portfolio management strategy will be implementing dollar equal weight allocation with monthly rebalancing.

Agree with criteria. I like as many months as possible positive, less than 20% maxDD, highest Sortino ratio available.

For those looking for possible IRA trading algorithms, take a look at this equity based trading strategy - SQQQ TQQQ Trader - https://collective2.com/details/121906329

I like to see good strategies survive and flourish, so that’s my incentive to publish what I’ve subscribed…

Didn’t a strategy with a similar name went bust in recently?

yes @OSUTIA , TQQQ SQQQ it was called, now private:

@v1Trader, was that the same trade leader as the current strategy trade leader?

@AlgoSystems, no clear sense of who is who ever, really, since identities are not verified. But even then, not sure who you mean by “the current strategy trade leader”… perhaps ETFTIMER, leader for “SQQQ TQQQ Trader” strategy linked above? I don’t think they’re the same, quite different trading styles and they were both started about the same time. ETFTIMER has a number of active and private strats.

Hi AlgoSystems and v1Trader,

To put an end to your speculation, I developed SQQQ TQQQ Trader in January 2019 as part of the C2 Star program. I named it SQQQ TQQQ Trader since there was already a TQQQ SQQQ strategy when I started it. That strategy was created by a different person and apparently is now Private.

SQQQ TQQQ Trader is currently priced at $125, since that was the required price for a C2 Star strategy and I haven’t changed the price since inception.

Unfortunately, I slightly exceeded the 5% maximum drawdown requirement of the C2 Star program by a small amount (6.4%), but I decided to continue trading the strategy, since I trade it in my own thinkorswim account.

It is very different than ETF Timer, which has over an 11 year track record on C2. ETF Timer is a swing trading strategy, while SQQQ TQQQ Trader is more of an intraday trading strategy, which scales in and out of positions. Either of these two strategies may be traded in IRA accounts since they only trade stocks (ETFs) on a long basis and use no margin.

Here are the links to these 2 straategies:

I am currently offering a discount to SQQQ TQQQ Trader for anyone who simulates it, so if you’re interested just simulate it and I’ll give you the discount code.


Strategies are sorted by 90 days P/L. Tasty Plays is out (annual P/L < 20%), Bitcoin Related is in ( > 99 trades).

I traded Jim’s ETF Timer several years ago, he is the real deal. And definitley not the guy who started TQQQ SQQQ, I simulated that for a while.

Jim, I looked at your new strategy, not sure it would work in my IRA since my broker still has the 2-day settlement requirement. But so far you are doing amazingly well, good job!

Thanks for your kind words VG2!


Different strategy, different strategy leader. And one can add longevity of strategies in Jim’s favor, longevity behind one of those necessary components for long term success.

The 100% Win Ratio always scares me. Where are your stops?

Hi DogZebra,

I was patiently waiting for your “high win ratio” comment, so I’ll answer it the same way I answered it for a new subscriber.

I know the 100% success rate looks unusual. From my own personal trading, I have had a 90% win rate since the beginning of 2019. With ETFs, it’s a lot easier for me to scale in and out of trades as compared to trading the NQ and Vix futures contracts with my other strategy NQ VX Timer. That gives me the ability to be able to better reduce my cost basis throughout the duration of my trades. You’ll notice that my win rate for NQ VX Timer is “only” about 87% over the 8 month track record.

Here is the link to NQ VX Timer:

Due to the size of the NQ contract, I always use stops with NQ VX Timer. Since SQQQ TQQQ Trader trades ETFs, I generally scale in and out of contracts, during the trading day, always attempting to minimize draw downs, so I don’t use stops and I will not carry positions overnight or over the weekend going forward to even better control draw downs.


I guess the better question is - at what DD do you start calling it a day and trimming/exiting the position?

At about a 3% loss.

What I changed in the last two months is that I start off with a much smaller position initially to allow me more flexibility to trade around the position intraday.

For example, I used to start with about a 1,000 shares TQQQ position, but now it’s closer to 500 shares as the initial position.